BUMPDATE: 35 Weeks

BUMPDATE: Our baby is the size of a Honeydew Melon!

Best moment this week? I think it’s starting to really hit me. Dr. Seale checked me at our appointment and was surprised to find my cervix soft (usually it’s still hard he said… my body knows what it’s doing he assured us!) But we could really have this baby anyday now and she’d be fine… and that kinda scares me! I’m not sure I’m ready!?? Can I have all five weeks, please baby!? Then, the mucous plug came out on Thursday night.. thankfully they say that’s indefinite of labor, but still!
Movement? Yes, yes, yes! I’m amazed each time we go to our Dr. Appointments and Dr. Seale says she’s head down because I feel like she’s still doing somersaults!
Showing? Really popping out!
Food Cravings? 
Sickness/Pain? Getting checked…. O-U-C-H!! 
What I’m looking forward to: Getting everything completely ready. Are we crazy for moving upstairs a couple weeks before I’m due!?
My wonderful hubby has now taken the position as the “put Allie’s shoes on”! What a cutie!

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