Brazil 2015

It was a last-minute decision and I’m so glad we had the chance to do it! (next time, we’ll start the whole visa process a little earlier–holy work!) Brazil is something Cam and I have really wanted to do (Cam served an LDS mission there from 2009-2011). My favorite part honestly was seeing the places and meeting the people Cam served–it was so neat (and a little humbling!) to see it all. I remember hearing the stories in letters he wrote me while serving, but it was a whole new experience to see it in person. We also got the chance to Rio and IlhaBela as well, which were nonetheless beautiful! The culture, the people, the food, everything pretty much but the dogs and CRAZY traffic were amazing (though I always come home appreciating where we live even more!). I sure hope we can go back again soon! By then, I (fingers crossed) will know the language!

Tudo Ben! šŸ™‚

IMG_7634 IMG_4879

Campinas: visits, wedding, temple, and the YUMMIEST dinners!

IMG_4386 IMG_4786 IMG_4784 IMG_4782 IMG_7188 IMG_7201

^^Doutor Edson, the man!IMG_7202 IMG_7207 IMG_7206 IMG_4500 IMG_4503 IMG_4534


IMG_4544 IMG_4553 IMG_4495 IMG_4432 IMG_4483 IMG_4468 IMG_4473 IMG_4476 IMG_4455 IMG_4426 IMG_4399 IMG_4563 IMG_4574 IMG_4576 IMG_4586 IMG_4593 IMG_4601 IMG_4611 IMG_4630 IMG_4643 IMG_4657 IMG_4661 IMG_4667 IMG_4680 IMG_4683 IMG_4687 IMG_4698 IMG_4702 IMG_4719 IMG_4725 IMG_4708 IMG_7284 IMG_4768 IMG_4735 IMG_4742 IMG_4760 IMG_4808 IMG_4804 IMG_4811 IMG_4817 IMG_4812 IMG_4815

Rio: Cristo Redentor, Pao de Acucar, and Beach


^^Cam’s long-awaited taste of passionfruit!



IMG_7361 IMG_7368 IMG_7378 IMG_7365 IMG_7405 IMG_7411



IMG_7428 IMG_7417

IMG_4830 IMG_4866 IMG_4887 IMG_4905 IMG_4930 IMG_4916 IMG_4909 IMG_4911 IMG_4927 IMG_4862 IMG_4852 IMG_4836


IMG_4954 IMG_4940 IMG_4957 IMG_5307 IMG_7480 IMG_7529 IMG_7527 IMG_7482 IMG_7251 IMG_7228

^^We did NOT starve this trip (and I’m convinced with Cam, the rice and beans are unlike anything else!)

IlhaBela: Steep driveways :), Rainy Beach, and Nautical cabins

IMG_4989 IMG_4983 IMG_4988

IMG_4965 IMG_5001 IMG_5004 IMG_5013 IMG_5021 IMG_5026 IMG_5028 IMG_5030 IMG_5031 IMG_5046 IMG_5039 IMG_5054 IMG_5062 IMG_5090 IMG_5091 IMG_5057 IMG_5069 IMG_5096 IMG_5113 IMG_5129 IMG_5128 IMG_5136 IMG_5166 IMG_5149 IMG_5184 IMG_5198 IMG_5207 IMG_5217 IMG_5212 IMG_5229 IMG_5246 IMG_5238 IMG_5240 IMG_5249 IMG_5280 IMG_5256

Meanwhile at home (everything was under control, we have the best Nannie & Papa ever!)…

IMG_7316 IMG_7283 IMG_7525 IMG_7537 IMG_7550 IMG_7562 IMG_7570 IMG_7573

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