The Proposal!

Rule #1: Not in public. Rule #2: I had to be ready. Rule #3: Get pictures.

April 5, 2012 journal entry titled “Best upgrade yet: from boyfriend turns to fiance!”:

“I AM ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April 5, 2012 (Ben’s birthday too!). And yes, Fiance is just as fun to say as I thought (so don’t mind my 923098012830982039 time use here in the next 4 months!) Here’s the low-down:

3:00pm I get done with Class (usually don’t get done until 4:15 but I didn’t go to my last class since I am not taking the final!)

5:30pm I call Cam and say I’m in “Salt Lake” when really I was really planning to surprise him and show up at his house before I headed to dance! Little did I know he was acting “mellow” the past couple hours because he was thinking up a storm and nervous as a Dog… I love my baby boy! He was in the car and covered it up with “When you called I thought you were about home so I thought I’d come visit you real fast before you headed out!!!” when really it was “Julie! I am heading down there now so we can plan!” Good thing I showed up then and good thing he hurried and put away that ring box cuz i violated Rule #5 when I touched his pockets to see if he had anything! Randomly, his Dad walks out with his phone videoing and taking pictures of us (come to find out he thought the random Y-Serve treat box I gave him for fun was the ring box and that Cam couldn’t wait…. good thing he held his tongue on the “Congratulations!” haha) I left to Dance and had NO IDEA at this point. I thought he went to dinner with his Family at TGIF’s when really he was with my family at Ben’s grave (it’s his 13th birthday today!) before dinner and then Kobe with them… “You Sneaky Cam!”

8:40pm I get done with Dance (usually don’t get done until 9:00pm) I call my Dad and his weird “I don’t think there’s a great connection” and no answer to my “Where you at!?” question still didn’t give it away). Then I call Cam and no answer. He had to run to his car so I didn’t hear the sounds of Kobe chefs cooking away!

9:30pm (thank goodness I took a shower and didn’t wash my hair!) Cam shows up for “ice cream for Ben’s birthday and then to supposedly see Ben’s grave that everyone had already seen!”

After Brett and Ry head out to play ball and Cam wanted to go out and play. I started eating my dinner (that was unplanned I guess… but C’mon guys, didn’t ya remember I like my food!? haha) and after a LOOOOOONG time finally gave in to play basketball (reminded by Nat to “grab your coat, isn’t it cold!?” on my way out!). We shot a couple hoops and the boys went in…

Cam and I started to head in when Cam said, “Hey let’s go on a golf cart ride real quick” despite my attempts to get back in the house to “go see Ben’s grave with my family” he insisted we go then and I thought, “Okay, I’ll make it easy for ya Cam!” haha. Somehow he “found” the keys (that threw me off a little!). So, there we went on a chilly, but special golf cart ride to the place in the pasture where we had danced the second night he got back from his mission (he kept asking where we should go, so I was thinking maybe nothing was planned? haha you got me there Cam!).

We stepped outside the golf cart (I started looking around for a camera or a family audience but didn’t find any!), he put on “Unbelievable”, and (this is my favorite part…besides the, “Allison, will you marry me?????!!!??”) we danced.

Another good part, he sang along. 🙂 Cutie right? I’m not only marrying a good dancer. I’m marrying a star singer as well. 🙂

We started back to the house and I said, “You know what? I thought you were going to ask me then!” haha little did I know something was coming up!

He asked about how parking would go at our reception and I tried to explain how the cars would pull in through our driveway and then exit the east road next to my neighbors. I explained it as simple as possible and somehow he was still confused… now I’m starting to pick up… maybe just still nervous.

We got back to the house and he started talking about the reception line and where we should stand and all that. He tried to “role-play” but I was so confused and a little hesitant to play-around at a time like this (I thought my family was waiting for us to go to Ben’s grave and that they’d be a little rushed when they thought we had gone on a “joy ride” when it was getting late!). He looked over to the bench and there in between a crack was a bag. Inside it was a flashlight and envelope entitled, “Remember the birds, remember the doves, remember the day that we two fell in love?” haha (didn’t process that this was the poem I had sent him during his first year of his mission until he mentioned it!) I started reading the darling poem he had re-vamped:

(he forgot the Copyright Allie Dixon 2010 🙂 jk)

So, he got down on one knee (acted like he tied his already, perfectly tied shoe!) looked at me (meanwhile I’m laughing, slapping, and telling him to get up because he had done this ONE TOO MANY times before… “not funny Cam!” even though I really thought, “this has GOT TO BE THE ONE!” and it was, so happy to say!)

…and said something along the lines of (I was on cloud nine already so pardon my forgetfulness!):

“Allison, I can’t wait to marry you on August 14th. I love you so much more (a little white lie because I’m the one that does!), and want to make you my wife….

WILL YOU MARRY ME?” (with a black box opened wide, a sparkly pear-shaped diamond, a rested knee, and the cutest darn look I have ever seen!)

I grabbed his face and said…


Then… we kissed, hugged, jumped up in his arms, and all that lovey-dovey stuff.

Meanwhile his family and my family came out from their hiding spot (My parents’ bedroom!) with spotlights, cameras, video cameras, and a lot of “YAYs!” We felt like celebrities!

We ran up there and I gave them all hugs…. we went inside and took 1923801928301298 pictures (just wait until August 14th! haha)… My family, his family, sisters, brothers, you name it!

Then, we left to go tell some friends. My first call: Michelle. His first call: Mike. Then a ba-jillion mass texts and a visit to Skylee’s house–she was excited and took me to the ground!

After, we went up to our spot on the mountain (talking about his experience with the ring along the way–Belliston’s it was.. plus, free trip/cruise and deal with his ring, I think Belliston’s is where it’s at! also, he was telling me all about his “other proposal plans”–reenactment of our first date (called it! we think alike! haha), white tux/purple dress on Sunday, Easter egg hunt to Cameron, and other creative ideas! I’m glad he chose the one he did–so special! he was planning on waiting until Sunday (now I know why my Mom wanted me to come home for “a special surprise for Ben’s birthday Dad has for us that I have to keep quiet” haha!) and talked, kissed, laughed, listened (to “Unbelievable” again!), sang, and I cried a little too 🙂 He asked me if I was nervous and I said a little… more like anxious nervous though!

We had a good talk about our future and the line in the song “I’ll take you places that you’ve never been!” really stood out to me because I feel like this is exactly what is going to happen. I can’t wait to start my new journey with Cam and can’t think of ANYONE else on the PLANET that I’d want to spend it and experience every bit with! He is amazing. He is spiritual. He honors his Priesthood. He magnifies his calling in every way. He inspires me to do better. He makes me reach my potential and notice the best in me. He loves perfectly, serves charitably, and always has faith confidently. I feel so good with this decision and know my Heavenly Father is happy. That makes me the HAPPIEST girl in the world!

Ironically, we saw “our deer again!”

We headed for home and then stopped for a prayer. We’ve made it a goal to pray each night for the rest of our lives. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone speak more sincerely to their Father in Heaven than Cameron. It was a beautiful prayer inviting heaven’s help as we prepare for the temple, confirmations about our decision every day, and keeping ourselves worthy and clean spiritually and physically. I had two thoughts as we prayed: 1. if we pray each night, we will be ready for the temple and 2. if we pray each night for our family members, they will be worthy to enter in with us.

We have set so many goals and are working towards them (reading our scriptures, talks, Marriage manual, and praying, etc.) I am excited for August 14th but I am also excited for the 130 days we have until then… a wonderful time to get to know each other better, learn, and grow so much before we make the most sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father and each other. I also decided I will write one good quality I cherish about Cam each day and also write in my journal consistently and cherish every moment of this journey.

So day #1: Cam has a personal relationship with his Heavenly Father that shows through his countenance, his prayers, and his actions. 🙂

….now if I can only get to sleep (it’s 3:37am) with this ring next to my bed in its perfect little black box (a little difficult to take it off, I love it so much already!).

I love you Cam! Thanks for the best night of my life….. yet. :)”



Cam fail!

He cried wolf one too many times!

P1050247 P1050236 P1050239 P1050246 P1050251 P1050253 IMG_0103 IMG_0102 IMG_0096 DSC00018 IMG_0107 IMG_0109 IMG_0111 IMG_0110 IMG_0115 P1050267 IMG_0117 DSC00020 P1050270 P1050272 IMG_0119 IMG_0121 P1050275 DSC00023 IMG_0136 2 IMG_0125 IMG_0129 IMG_0159 IMG_0161 IMG_0166 2 IMG_0168 2 IMG_0169 2 IMG_0170 2 IMG_0175 IMG_0181 IMG_0182 IMG_0191 IMG_0193 IMG_0194 IMG_0185

Utah Jazz… represent (after a while I took away rule #2 that I had to be “ready!” haha

IMG_1432 IMG_1433 IMG_1541 IMG_1441 IMG_1438 IMG_2202 Engaged!

We headed to Cali with my fam the next morning!

IMG_1555I was engaged before I graduated… that’s all I wanted!!

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