Lydia: A Name and a Blessing

Today was so special. Lydia was given a name and a blessing by her Daddy. It was truly the perfect day, she had a perfect dress sewn by her Nannie, and it was a perfect blessing–all for a perfect little girl so fresh from her Heavenly Father!

Lydia TypeBlessing IMG_2473 IMG_2107 IMG_2112_2 IMG_2151_2 IMG_2118 IMG_2152 IMG_2171 IMG_2163_2IMG_0529 IMG_0521 IMG_0525 IMG_2178 IMG_2192 IMG_2198 IMG_2212 IMG_2223_2 IMG_2225_2 IMG_2227_2 IMG_2235_2 IMG_2239IMG_2234_2 IMG_2291_2 IMG_2289 IMG_2311_2 IMG_2301_2 IMG_2334_2 IMG_2326 IMG_2307_2 IMG_2313 IMG_2346 IMG_2348_2 IMG_2358 IMG_2459 IMG_2488 IMG_2362 IMG_2444_2 IMG_2450 IMG_2385 IMG_2387 IMG_2404_2 IMG_2399_2 IMG_2413 IMG_2430_2 IMG_2467 IMG_2354_2IMG_2095 IMG_2098_2

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