Dixon Family Mele Kalikimaka 2014: “Happy Family”

I don’t know how we pulled this one off, but somehow we (us girls) managed to surprise my Dad and our hubbys with a family vacation my Dad is constantly joking with us about each occasion (“I can’t wait to go to Hawaii!”) It was TOO FUN! Mele Kalikimaka!

Mele Kalikimaka Love, the Dixons Christmas Card 2014

IMG_3218 IMG_6274 IMG_6285 IMG_6292 IMG_6293 IMG_6297 IMG_6300 IMG_6303 IMG_6308 IMG_6312 IMG_6331 IMG_6333 IMG_3235_2 IMG_3866 IMG_6378 IMG_6367 IMG_6389 IMG_6395 IMG_3253_2IMG_6408 IMG_6413 IMG_6418 IMG_6421 IMG_6427 IMG_6433 IMG_6434 IMG_6440 IMG_6447 IMG_6463 IMG_6474 IMG_6501 IMG_6505 IMG_6502IMG_6506 IMG_6512 IMG_6517 IMG_6528 IMG_6544 IMG_6551 IMG_6575 IMG_6603 IMG_6607 IMG_6620 IMG_6622 IMG_6625 IMG_3260_2 IMG_3267_2 IMG_3273_2 IMG_3280_2 IMG_3284_2 IMG_3291_2 IMG_3295_2 IMG_0518_2 IMG_0520_2 IMG_3304_2 IMG_3306_2 IMG_6648 IMG_6663IMG_0098_2 IMG_3328_2 IMG_3330_2IMG_6677 IMG_6686 IMG_6694 IMG_6700 IMG_6712 IMG_6721 IMG_6727 IMG_6750 IMG_6751 IMG_6756 IMG_6758 IMG_6760 IMG_6782 IMG_6792 IMG_6798 IMG_6809 IMG_6841 IMG_6843 IMG_6849 IMG_6957 IMG_6953 IMG_6952 IMG_6853 IMG_6857 IMG_6868 IMG_6874 IMG_6877 IMG_6909 IMG_6923 IMG_6966 IMG_6980 IMG_6999 IMG_7012 IMG_7019 IMG_7022 IMG_7035 IMG_7041 IMG_7047 IMG_7058 IMG_7066IMG_7073 IMG_7077 IMG_7085 IMG_7107 IMG_7109 IMG_7120 IMG_7139 IMG_7141 IMG_7144 IMG_7157 IMG_7182 IMG_7192 IMG_7205 IMG_7231 IMG_7238 IMG_7240 IMG_7250 IMG_7265 IMG_7314 IMG_7322 IMG_3390_2IMG_0100_2 IMG_3424_2 IMG_7331 IMG_7342 IMG_7361 IMG_7346 IMG_7366 IMG_7373 IMG_7381 IMG_7386 IMG_7389IMG_3460_2 IMG_7396 IMG_7413 IMG_7411 IMG_7423 IMG_7424 IMG_7426 IMG_7428 IMG_7429 IMG_7435 IMG_7441 IMG_3431_2 IMG_3436_2 IMG_3440_2 IMG_3441_2 IMG_3442_2 IMG_3446_2 IMG_3909 IMG_3453_2 IMG_3455_2IMG_3913 IMG_3462_2 IMG_3500_2IMG_0106_2 IMG_3483_2 IMG_3496_2 IMG_7465 IMG_7474 IMG_7475 IMG_7483 IMG_7490 IMG_7511 IMG_7526 IMG_7533 IMG_7549 IMG_7564 IMG_7585 IMG_7587 IMG_7598 IMG_7610 IMG_7625 IMG_3506_2 IMG_3507_2 IMG_3564_2 IMG_3566_2 IMG_3567_2

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