BUMPDATE: 20 Weeks: It’s a GIRL!!

(doesn’t technology blow your mind?!? watch her little mouth open and arm move-wow!!)

BUMPDATE: Our baby is the size of a banana!

Best moment this week? Finding out our baby is a GIRL!!!! (yeah, we weren’t going to find out…… ha!) By special request, we had our moms join us for our big 20 week appointment at the perinatologist. We hoped the technician didn’t blow the news, or our moms try to beg it out of her and thankfully she didn’t! It was crazy to see our baby move so much (I still haven’t felt any movement) and in 3D–wow! The technician was surprised we hadn’t seen anything gender-wise since she had to go past it a couple times quickly (I’m so blind with those things though–I can’t figure out whether it’s the head or belly I’m looking at!) so that made it even harder to not know! ahh! We were so grateful that everything looked “beautiful” (girl?!) and healthy. The Dr. came in after and made a comment about “his heart” I thought. For the first time I thought maybe it could be a boy! By the end of the long appointment, Cam leaned over and whispered, “Do you want to find out!?” I’ve been back and forth with finding out, so as soon as he said that I knew it’d be a yes! (At our 16-week appointment we had finally decided to find out and our baby’s legs wouldn’t move open, so we left thinking well let’s not find out I guess!) We thought we could just find out at our second appointment that morning with our OBGYN Dr. but come to find out he didn’t do an ultrasound since we had just returned from the perinatologist. Darn! So, we embarrassingly went back to the perinatologist office and asked the lady at the front desk if our technician could tell us the news! She asked us to come back in 20 minutes and we were confused why, but thought maybe with privacy laws that she couldn’t just tell us then! So, we went down for our usual lunch date and then rushed back up to get the news. She had to do another ultrasound to be 100% sure since she had tried to rush by it during our big ultrasound to not divulge the news! Cam asked if he could guess and he guessed right, A GIRL!!!!!! We were so excited (I had hoped for a girl and thought it was a girl all along!!!) and the rest of the day was seriously so special. It’s moments and days like this that you want to replay over and over again. We spent the rest of the day telling family and it was so fun! It was so fun to watch Cam be so excited with everything–he was raised with 2 brothers and their family is mostly boys so he had lots of funny and cute comments that just made my heart melt! Now, how am I ever going to be able to share him with another girl?
Movement? No, but she was moving on the ultrasound screen alright!
Showing? Yes, but I’m hoping it starts to look a little more pregnant than just a chub soon! And, I’m sure it will!
Food Cravings? Not really. But, I know what NOT to eat otherwise I’m hurting myself I’m so miserable! Darn candy and salsa that taste so good while I’m eating them, but after…….
Sickness? I’ve had more “real” urges to throw up than I ever have which is weird. I don’t feel sick, but the urge to throw up is immediate and sporadic. Weird.
What I’m looking forward to: Little girl shopping! Ah, I love the femininity of little girls things!
Cam’s just used to boys….
Scan 234
And I’m just used to girls!!
Little did they know what we did right after they left….. 🙂
It’s a GIRL!!!!!!
Daddy’s of little girls are the cutest!!
IMG_0541 IMG_0557 IMG_7968 IMG_0624 IMG_0627 IMG_0606 IMG_0609 IMG_0618 IMG_0632 IMG_0639 IMG_0650 IMG_7944
Telling Cam’s mom at the daycare–the kids MALLED Cam. I do too!
My mom’s cute girl gifts for us! Mine was a little sailboat shirt and a toy camera! Cam’s was a Nike sweatsuit!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are so cute! The best description that someone gave me of what baby movement feels like in the early stages is a muscle twitch. If you’ve ever had your eye twitch uncontrollably, it feels like that is what is happening. I hope you get to feel her soon! That was my favorite part of being pregnant! I felt like it made it worth it!

  2. Stephanie laird caldwell says:

    Sorry, that comment was from me!

  3. Awe I’ll be looking for a “muscle twitch” then! Haha I hope I get to feel her soon too!

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