11.10.13.  To be honest, it hasn’t hit me too much yet and I’m still a little disbelieving (waiting for the so called “morning sickness” to set it so I can actually feel like there’s a little munchkin growing inside me! I’ve even prayed to feel a little more “in tune” with the babe since I seriously feel nothin!) But, I know things are about to change reeeeeal quick, but I am ready for such an excited, scary, HUGE change (most especially to be done working! ha). It’s hard to keep it to ourselves (we’re waiting until Christmas to share the big news with family and friends), but it’s kinda fun to have it be just our little secret! I waited a week to tell Cam and decided after waiting that it was the WORST idea ever! haha He requested a surprise whenever I found out that I was pregnant (that kid loves surprises), so I thought it’d be perfect to wait until the following Friday (I took the test on Sunday night!) when we were down in Provo to tell him. It was sooooo fun surprising him, he had NO CLUE (and I even got it on video!), so it was totally worth waiting, but not being able to tell him such exciting and big news was the hardest thing ever! Either I’m suppppper lucky or I’m speaking way too soon, but the whole crazy cravings, throwing up, morning sickness, tired, etc. etc. pregnant symptoms must not be my cup of tea (kinda hoping a little otherwise just to be in with the pregnant crowd!). Had those 3 pregnancy tests (yes, three just to make sure, make sure again, and again!) not been positive, I would I would think it hard to believe that I was pregnant. Okay, maybe take it back a little. I may have felt a little more tired some days? But feeling tired for this night owl is nothing new. And, last Tuesday I was a little miserable the last half of the day feeling weak and stomach weak (nothing near throwing up, however). Other than that, I’ve really only felt lots of acid in my stomach (like I’ve drank too much juice or ate too much candy or something–you know that feeling?), which makes me not want to eat certain things. I have wanted a couple things here or there, but that’s nothing new either–I’ve always had cravings that I have to curb! And… I may have been a little more snappy/ornery (my poor Cam!), but I’m working on it (shouldn’t blame it on being pregnant though I easily could! ha) I haven’t noticed a huge change working out or things other than that. But, ready or not here we go!

11.17.13. Okay, I spoke too soon. Darnit! The so-called “morning sickness” caught up with me this week. Oh boy! No throwing up or dry heaving next to the toilet bowl for this girl, buttttt a strong case of “I feel like I’ve eaten wayyy too much candy or something!” It’s like my stomach is full of acid. Yuck! And, it’s allllll day long. I think of something I want to eat (that surprisingly sounds good) and then after eating it, thinking about it makes me sick! Oh, and the horrible taste in my mouth, always… :/ The weirdest of them all, I want to gag just thinking about drinking water! So weird, but seriously, the taste of our filtered water just about kills me. So, I resort to our nasty tap water cuz we’ve stopped buying bottled water! Or, I try to stock up when we’re at my parents with their fridge-filtered water or drinking fountain water! Am I crazy or what!? I don’t feel like I have any strong cravings, just the fact that when something sounds good, that’s what we’re having cuz I want to gag when thinking about some foods (Cafe Rio….. 😦 and we ate there like 3 times the first week cuz I wanted it so bad! ha). I have been oh so tired too. Working 8-5pm all the sudden is the worst thing EVER! I feel like a baby, but I cringe thinking about going to work all day long. I just want to sleep–so you can guess what my 1-hour lunch break is spent doing! I work with my Dad, Brother-in-law and brother, so trying to be chipper when I feel like crap is a little challenging. I feel like an ornery, no-fun person too! I don’t want to do anything and about want to cry when I have “plans” after work–a little weird cuz I’m usually a social butterfly! My patient hubby has been so wonderful to me and my needs–ahh so grateful! His excitement keeps my chin up and helps me see it ain’t so bad cuz it’s really not, I just don’t like being sick one bit! Monday night was quite the adventure. I have been LOVING spicy food (especially buffalo wing sauce–Frank’s anyone!?), which is nothing new, but after having some spicy chicken, I laid on the couch. The whole day I felt pretty miserable, but after eating I felt a little worse. Not long after I was at the toilet bawling cuz I didn’t want to throw up. I don’t know what it is with me and throwing up, but I can NOT stand it (never have been able to and probably never will)! Cam was so sweet to sit right by me and tell me it’d be okay again. and again! I didn’t throw up, but the next second we were driving down to Chick-Fil-A to get ice cream cones–that’s the only thing that sounded good! It was quite the adventure! I work for my mom on Thursdays and that’s been pretty difficult to keep happy and fake like I’m feeling great. Pretty sure they suspect something. In fact, I know Natalie and Brett think somethings up (they live above us) cuz Natalie made a comment the other day (and she’s made others!) and my mom chirped in too! I’m doing my best to keep a poker face and ask questions like I have no clue what’s up, but I can just tell they probably still suspect things! So, can we make it another 5 weeks without telling them!??

IMG_0693 IMG_0690

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