1st Anniversary!

To think it was one year ago that we got married, is absolutely CRAZY! Time has flown by sooo fast (too fast!). I cherish this time in our lives that we get to spend every day together, in our little crammed apartment, pinching pennies so we can go to Boston, just the two of us. Today was a day of reminiscing. Each moment we reminded each other what we were doing the year before! We spent a late lunch at Olive Garden (of course! we even came out with 3 extra meals! unlimited pasta bowl time rocks!) laughing at the memories we’ve had together. I’m sure our waiter was wondering why I couldn’t keep my hands off him, but it brought back such tender memories of the day we were married and I just didn’t wanna let go! The rest of the day was a total surprise (exactly what I hoped for since it’s nice to let someone else plan for a change!) We played tennis, went to the Raptors game (how can you not have a little baseball!?), and then the drive inn! We got home late, but still had to cut our cake and give it a try. Cam’s groom’s cake tasted horrible, but our poppyseed wedding cake tasted pretty good (for being in a freezer for a year!).

I love you Cam! Thanks for the most memorable, funny, learning, challenging, best year yet. I can’t wait for each year to come! Can we please just be newlyweds forever?!?

Cam + Allie (1st Anniversary 2013) IMG_6517 IMG_6526 IMG_6533IMG_1529 IMG_1533IMG_1534  IMG_6536IMG_1525IMG_1528 IMG_6537

And, why not a little midnight snack to top off our cake? (wayyyy past midnight!)IMG_6581A clean sparkling diamond… our new anniversary tradition!


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