National Finals Rodeo 2014 {Lydia’s first airplane ride}

This was our first go-round traveling (by airplane, at least) with a baby! She did pretty good (so long as we don’t run into the people on our first flight ever again! ha! Once she finally stopped fighting it and fell asleep, we all relaxed a little, but those first couple minutes of the flight I was stressing!). Three tips: 1. Keep your eyes half-closed (otherwise, you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to keep EVERYTHING sanitized!) 2. Keep one step ahead of your baby (have the bottle ready, the blanket, burp cloth, and binky RIGHT THERE for when they need it (especially on the airplane!) 3. Go with the flow! (nap time and bedtime needs to be a little flexible while traveling!)

IMG_4828 IMG_4833 IMG_4836 IMG_4843 IMG_4854 IMG_4857 IMG_4874 IMG_4889 IMG_4893 IMG_4895 IMG_4910 IMG_4915 IMG_4918 IMG_4926 IMG_4944 IMG_4999 IMG_4992 IMG_5016 IMG_5018 IMG_4959 IMG_4967 IMG_4981 IMG_5024 IMG_5026 IMG_5037 IMG_5031 IMG_5034 IMG_5147 IMG_5126 IMG_5120 IMG_5139 IMG_5044 IMG_5108 IMG_5101 IMG_5072 IMG_5013 IMG_5163 IMG_5170

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