Birth Stories

So.. You’re having a baby?!

Congrats, that is so exciting! ASF&D LOVES documenting birth stories–photo or film, or both at the same time (yes, we offer both!) Here’s a couple things to keep in mind as you think about letting us document such a sacred & surreal experience for all involved:

Usually, each birth story film is about 2-3 minutes long (the length of one song. See: for examples) and birth story photo (See Allie Schroeder Films and Design > Photography > Birth Story from the menu for individual examples) comes with a disc of all the images.

I usually get to the hospital/birthing center when you’re about 8-9cm dilated (I live down the street from McKay-Dee & Ogden Regional) and get the footage of you laboring, the delivery, and the post-delivery events that follow directly (weight check, first time holding, kids seeing (if it’s within the 30-45 minutes post-delivery), etc. I am able to come back for any event later in your hospital stay for a small additional cost if desired.

I ask that you keep me informed as your due date gets closer with dilation, effacing, checkups, starting labor, and then heading to the hospital. Usually, I’ll have your hubby’s number as well since most times he’s the one keeping everyone informed (I mean, you’re the one giving birth right?!). I try to keep the days around your due date open and the week surrounding it flexible, but it’s not always guaranteed as babies sometimes come super early or super late. I typically have a backup photographer/videographer I can lean on if necessary (they take the pics/film footage and I edit).

The un-planned: I’ve done a several induction deliveries and they’ve all worked out just fine. Even a C-section will work though I’m not allowed to go into the surgical room for the actual delivery, theres a lot to document with the prepping and directly after (since the C-section lasts about 30-45 minutes and then they will you back to your room immediately) with holding the baby for the first time and all that jazz! In this case (with film) your hubby could take some video clips and send them to me afterwards to put in the film as well!

Middle of the night babies (we just love them, don’t we!?): If it happens to be in the middle of the night, all is well. It makes it easy on my babysitter situation anyway! 😉 I put your hubby’s and your phone numbers with special ringtones and keep my phone on loud. I ask you to call me once you’re an 8 and I’ll usually set an alarm every 3 hours to get up and check my phone just in case. I haven’t missed a birth story yet, knock on wood!

Not certain? I totally understand this is a HUGE moment in your life and get that it’s special, sacred, and sometimes a little scary. I am not offended if when the moment arises you decide you’d rather not have me there (please let me know). If I do attend, I promise to be a little “fly on the wall” and do my best to not change any dynamics–I take the roll of documenting rather than positioning in birth stories.