Wedding Film Packages

So……you’re getting married!? Congrats!

We hope you’ll let ASF&D be part of your big day (and everything in between!)

P.S. we also offer Photography, Wedding Invitation Design, & help with planning as well! We do package deals when you schedule photo/film or photo/design as well! Please see our pricing list or contact for more info!

Wondering what to do with your engagement video clips those sneaky friends of yours took!? Whether you send ASF&D the clips or have me come film the moment you’re popped the question, putting together a fun little engagement film can be a cherished memoir years down the road (or even a way to share you’re engaged on Facebook (I mean, how many times do you really want to tell the saaaaaame story over again!?)

ASF&D would love to capture any event (bridal shower, family/friends’ advice, bachelor/bachelorette party, dress shopping, wedding planning, flash mob dance practice, etc.) leading up to the big day:

And then there’s the actual wedding day!

Keeping the guests entertained as they wait in the reception line is a must! There are several options ASF&D offers of films to show at the reception:

Everyone remembers the classic Photo Montages of the bride and groom growing up, right!? And they still never get old!

Here is a sample Couple’s Story. These are fun to show at a wedding breakfast/lunch or even at the reception–a great way to let guests meet your bride & groom!

or an alternate Couple’s Story custom to your particular style:

And, the “new” trend: first look film:

ASF&D offers same-day edits to show at your reception:

And last but not least ASF&D offers two packages for wedding day coverage: a half-day (4 hours) and full-day (7 hours). Each package includes one copy of the highlight film (one-song, condensed version of the entire day–easy to upload to share with family and friends via email, social media, etc. In addition, the full-day package includes three copies of a full-length footage film (10-20 minutes of the entire day). ASF&D would love to work with you and fit your particular needs, please contact for more info or to schedule your big day–no holding fee or payment until product delivery!

^^These are sample highlight films

^^These are sample full-version films

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