BUMPDATE: 33 Weeks

BUMPDATE: Our baby is the size of a Honeydew!

Best moment this week? My “first” Mother’s day as an honorable mention (even though I didn’t feel good!) And, having baby bump Schroeder meet Michelle for the first time! Welcome back Schwester Jaynes, so glad she’s home!! And, finally getting to sewing the nursery bedding. Thankfully, I have the best mom/seamstress in the world to help!
Movement? Lots!! Ouch!
Showing? Yes!
Food Cravings? As always, ice cream!
Sickness? First time getting a charlie horse in my calf, and twice  in the middle of the night! Cam woke up to my loud scream and hurried to flex my calf and then fed me applesauce with a spoon since we didn’t have bananas for potassium–what would I do without him?! And Mother’s Day sealed the deal. Cam gets the best hubby award I’m certain. Who else would clean up throw up (and lots of it) while holding a bottle of nail polish remover trying to not throw up himself. I think it was something I ate because I never throw up (not even when I was first pregnant)! And, he even calms my troubled heart and wipes my tears (a lot more often lately)! I’ve been on this “miss my mom” kick lately. Oh, I love my Cam!
What I’m looking forward to: Date nights with Cam every weekend from here on out!
IMG_8918 IMG_8934

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