BUMPDATE: 36 Weeks

BUMPDATE: Our baby is the size of a LARGE Cantaloupe (19-22 in, 6 lbs! that’s about where I was when I was born, 22 days early… ahh!)

Best moment this week? Deciding on a crib (finally)! I don’t know why, but these decisions are the HARDEST for me and I am so indecisive (like can’t sleep because of it! pathetic, I know!)
Movement? The night is definitely her most active time! I was trying to get things done the other night and stayed up until 2am and she was WIDE awake with me! I’m afraid I’ve trained her to be a night owl!
Showing? I can feel my belly sttttttreeeeetching!
Food Cravings?Ā 
Sickness/Pain? when I stand up, my guts still feel like they’re going to all come out and my belly gets/usually is always hard!
What Iā€™m looking forward to:Ā Moving upstairs and setting up the nursery! We bought our crib this week and our rocking chair came too!! šŸ™‚ And, slowing down a bit. I am so spread thin right now trying to get all my projects done, I need to focus on what matters!
And Here’s my answers to a fun baby shower game we had with the Dixon side:
1. How old is Allie? 23 years old
2. How long have Cam and Allie been married? Almost 2 Years (in August)
3. Who is Allies OBGYN? Dr. Fred Seale
4. What Hospital will Allie deliver at? McKay-Dee Hospital
5. How much weight has Allie gained so far in her pregnancy? As of last appointment (a week ago-35 weeks), 24 lbs!
6. What has Allie craved the most during her pregnancy? Ice Cream!! and Spicy food!
7. Was Allie sick during her pregnancy? Thankfully not too bad. Just bad tastes in my mouths and smells that make me grossed out!
8. Does Allie plan on having a natural childbirth or an epidural childbirth? Natural, wish me luck šŸ™‚
9. How many kids do Cam and Allie want to have? 4 or 5! We’ll see after this one though šŸ™‚
10. How is Allie going to decorate her baby room? Lots of whites, tans, and touches of vintage fabrics & feminine pinks!
11. Do you know what baby girl names Allie likes? Vivian, Lydia, Naomi, Chloe, Ruby
12. How many inches is Allies belly measuring today? 39 inches!
13. Do you think Baby Girl Shroeder will have red hair or black hair? Black. REALLY hoping for red though!
14. What scares Allie more: Nursing or getting no sleep?? Getting no sleep for sure!
15. Guess the weight and length of Allies baby girl…. 6 lbs and 18 inches!
IMG_9135 IMG_9136IMG_9171

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