Mom: Things I’ve Learned

  • First and foremost, whatever floats YOUR boat should float it. Take others’ advice for what it’s worth because everyone is so different and (surprise!) babies are too! And, stop the comparing, it’ll kill ya!
  • It’s not about the closest parking stall anymore, it’s about the closest parking stall to the cart return since you’ll need a cart right as you unload (unless you want to hall your baby and carseat all the way into the store) and as you leave since you’re not supposed to leave your baby in the car unattended.
  • Learn to multi-task! I can’t say this enough. I have decided while Lydi is in the bath, I will either get ready, read scriptures to her, or clean the bathroom (perhaps all three if she’ll let me!)IMG_2097
  • Move him/her around a LOT so they don’t get bored. This way, you can get a lot more things done around the house. I move Lydi around as I clean the entire house and it seems like she finds amusement in watching me (that is until she knows how to crawl/walk! Eek!)IMG_2057

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