BUMPDATE: Our baby is the size of a prune!

Best moment this week? I feel so crappy i’m a little short on the best moments (but… for real! still trying to keep a good attitude about feeling like crap, can ya tell!?) This week was filled with a lot of fun festivities (most of which I felt okay for! thank goodness!) Monday we decorated my mom’s Jubilee tree. Later, we had a pie night with my family and in-laws. (I fell asleep on the couch cuz I had a terrible migraine from all day!) The following evening we had the Jubilee auction and dinner. Thursday Thanksgiving was great! While Cam played football, I ran off to the Santa run. We played a little mid-morning tennis and then rushed off the turkey dinner at his grandparents and then to my parents. We slept at my parents house that night and did a little black Friday shopping on Friday morning. I continued to shop by myself the rest of the day. That night, we made an Ikea and Scheels run with my fam. I was sooo worn out from the day I could barely stand any longer! The Santa run the following evening was way fun too (I grabbed a cookie at every station. Don’t judge, I’m pregnant! ha–using that for every excuse!)
“Ought Oh” pregnancy moment? This was a close call–of course my sister and I made our dentist appointments on the exact same morning, one after another (without even knowing)! I didn’t know that until it was about her time to come in and the dentist made a nonchalant comment about it! Good thing he did cuz the hygienist and I were talking up a storm–it finally felt good to talk to someone (other than my hubby) about it, especially a girl in the medical field! She needed to take ex rays otherwise I’d probably still keep it a secret! I was worried my sister was out there waiting for her turn and listened to our entire conversation, but luckily she wasn’t there yet! Finally, the hygienist recommended some things to take for my nauseated stomach and hard time taking my folic acid pill. Right when she was writing them down and showing me them on the internet, my sister walked into the room to surprise me! Luckily she didn’t catch on the our quick conversation-cut-short, and immediate exit off the internet site, but it was close! Then, we walked out to the waiting room together and I waited there for the hygienist to bring me the slip of paper. I could sense my sister wondering why I was waiting there too, so I just said, “I’m not sure if I’m supposed to keep on waiting or not, but I thought the hygienist was writing down a prescription for my gingivitis…” (first thing that came to mind!) Of course my sister being a nurse asked if it was a antibiotic or what and I just said, “No, I think it’s a type of toothpaste I’m supposed to use!” Hopefully I didn’t give it away right there, but whew! That was close!
Then, at the Jubilee dinner that night I got that weird burpy feeling in my throat and was grossed out by it. I looked at Cam with a disgusted look to let him know how I felt and realized one of my co-workers on the other table saw me. Whoops! I blamed it on something being stuck in my throat… :/
Movement? Nope!
Showing? I’m starting to feel my tummy get a little bigger and hard–almost like there’s a little fat layer, but it’s hard! Kinda crazy! But, it’s finally coming! Yay and nerves at the same time (is my little short body really capable of carrying a baby!?)
Food Cravings? Hmm Jamba Juice Mango smoothie!
Sickness? YES! Still that darn acid-like stomach feeling and horrid taste in my mouth all.day.long. (especially after eating)
What I’m looking forward to: Being able to tell my family and co-workers so they can cut me some slack–haha jk, but it’s getting harder to keep my 1-hour lunch breaks to one hour (it’s like freedom from trying to keep a smile on my face when I just feel like crying!)IMG_7394 IMG_7437

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