Beantown & NYC 2013

Remember that one time that we (and by we, I mean I) blew our summer savings and surprised Cam with a little birthday surprise to Boston and NYC? Yeah, best decision EVER!! Seriously though, the memories we made together were some of my favorite yet! I was soooo uncertain whether I really should buy the plane tickets, especially without discussing it with Cam, but I finally went out on a limb and did (my blood pressure was a little high there for bit! ha). Cam was so surprised and seeing his face when he opened up my birthday gift was priceless (whaaaaat?). Thankfully, we have amazing family who all pitched in with birthday gifts to buy tickets to the Red Sox Game, Tour of Fenway Park, and the US Open so we could get out and do some sightseeing as well! I’ve always dreamt of traveling a little with my sweetheart (but really, who doesn’t?) and this seemed like the perfect time, no kids to find babysitters for and all. We skimped and saved the rest of the summer and tried to be those “cheap” tourists so we could fit in as much as we could, and it was well worth our hungry bellies. 🙂 We ran around both cities like little kids stopping to film and snap a photo or two as we went! I’m sure we looked silly, but we obviously didn’t mind! Boston grabbed my heart the second we stepped off the plane (a little later than planned… I’m still a little sad we were robbed of those 3 hours!). Our flight got delayed due to a technical problem, but we tried to make the best of it. Maybe it was meant to be? We were separated on our flight from Minneapolis to Boston and I sat next to the sweetest lady who told me all about her job as a prayer counselor. I wanted to share the Gospel with her (Cam and I decided this will be one of our goals whenever we travel–we forgot the “pass along” cards this time darn it!), but I listened as she shared her testimony with me about prayer and a loving Heavenly Father. I soon found we had more similarities than we had differences. When we were about to land, I finally worked up enough courage to share my testimony of the restored Gospel. I did my best to share with her beliefs of a young Joseph Smith who saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, of Peter, James, and John who restored the keys in this dispensation, and a living Prophet today. I was a little embarrassed at my pity job of sharing, I think we both could tell I was a little nervous and uncertain of how best to share it, but I know with a little more practice (shame on me for not doing it more often) it will come easier. Once arriving in Boston, we decided we HAD to get ourselves to the ballpark. We had planned to go to one ballgame, but ended up going to one each night we were there! Fenway park was unreal and we couldn’t get enough of it! The Boston accent had both of us laughing the whole time (then again, I’m a little jealous!). We went to Salem one morning and realized we spent wayyyyy too much time filming at what we thought was the “cool” part of town, until we realized we hadn’t even seen the real stuff and only had about a half hour or so until our boat left (whoops!). It was a quirky little town and I hope we can go back one day. We tried to fit in the Freedom Trail in like 3 hours, which wasn’t a good idea (I had the WORST shin splints the rest of the trip). That evening, we had an amazing lobster dinner on the rooftop of some friends of my parent, holy cow! The food, the view, and the company were amazing. Not to mention the sound of a little baseball from Fenway park down the street! We went to the baseball game with the Slaters and then grabbed an ice cream cone as they walked us down Boylston street where the bombing occurred earlier this year. We went back to our hotel room each night to watch the US Open and eat the Lucky Charms we brought for a midnight snack! Our three day visit was definitely too short and we found ourselves saying, “we have to come back!” a time or two! New York was a blast as well. Cam had never been before and I was so excited to explore the Big Apple with him! We hurried off to the US Open the minute we arrived. We had tickets for the evening session, but once Cam found out Nadal played during the day session, we decided we’d spend every dollar we brought, an arm, and a leg just to get in! But, that seemed very unlikely once we arrived and there were no scalpers to be found. After loosing hope of getting in, we sat down to eat our sandwiches holding a sign that said “Need Two Tickets!” A man told us to go check on the other side of the metro and when we did, there was one guy with a ticket to the stadium where Nadal played. He wanted a fortune, but we finally got him down to what we had talked about spending on them beforehand. We headed to the ATM only to find it closed. 😦 Our hearts sunk. We walked away slowly then realizing we really wouldn’t get in, when he came running back (don’t they all!) saying he’d take all the cash we had! We were ecstatic! Cam got in to see Nadal (his seat was dead center) and I went to the smaller stadium to find my seat on…. the SECOND row! We swapped places for the second match and I got the see the Williams sisters while Cam watched Isner play. Cam could’ve died happy that night and I was just happy watching him act like a kid in a candy store.  Plus, how can you not love a classy day of tennis!? We had spent every dollar we brought to get in, so the rest of the trip was a whole lot of looking from a distance which was fine for us! We went to Church at the Manhattan temple building (really neat!) on Sunday, stopped by a PB & J shop for lunch (I scouted it out for Cam!), and ran around the city making videos! Monday was a rainy day in the city and we made certain to stop by Magnolia’s bakery, the Today Show, B&H Photo, Madison Square Gardens, and Central Park. Oh, and did I mention the size of our bed was a twin? haha yeah, we got real cozy in NYC! Coming home was quite the adventure (or not so much)! We thought we’d given ourselves enough time, but long story short we didn’t. We decided to take the metro the whole time we were in both cities (we only “splurged” on a taxi ride once!) and I was pretty darn proud at how good we were at figuring them out. But, the main line to the airport was closed and after going with our gut feeling, reading signs, and running with our baggage, we finally made it, we thought. We about died when the lady at the baggage counter said, “the time has passed for you to check your bag.” and we started on another adventure of how to get both us and our bags on the same flight home. I ran over to a Delta rep and franticly asked if he could help. He wasn’t very willing until I firmly asked, “Okay, what would you do if you were in our situation?” He got us to the front of the line, through security (with our bags), and to our gate in no time. We couldn’t thank him enough and we will definitely be paying that one forward! Whew!

I am soooo grateful we were able to go, as I know not everyone gets the chance. I can’t wait to do it all again, hopefully real soon! (I would definitely recommend a little vacay as newlyweds, even if it means pasta dinners for a year!)

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