BUMPDATE: 13 Weeks

BUMPDATE: Our baby is the size of a lemon!

Best moment this week? Prepping to tell our family!
“Ought Oh” pregnancy moment? Well, I had this thought of how we could tell my family despite our original plan of a video–SANTA would bring it!!! I started looking at Santa’s for hire on the internet and after about 3 “we’re booked” Cam called one of his mission buddies to see if he would since my fam wouldn’t recognize him! He ended up not being able to, so I started looking once more and found another bunch of them for hire on KSL. The first one I spoke with said he’d be able to and we got it planned. Well, (I’m still confused) he showed up on Saturday night like 20 seconds after Cam and I had pulled in to my parents driveway (perfect timing!). I ran to his car and was like “I thought we planned on Christmas Eve?!?” I don’t know where the mixup was, but he was still free on Christmas Eve so we talked a little of how it’d go down and then he left. Whew! That could’ve been bad! Close calls are becoming more common as it gets closer!! Christmas can’t come soon enough!
Movement? Nope!
Showing? Yes!!
Food Cravings? Buffalo wings (still!)
Sickness? Yes! Always after I eat! Bleh! In church today, I had Cam sneak Holland’s snacks so I could snack on something! haha :/ Thank you Holland!
What I’m looking forward to: Not being sick, anyday now second trimester, any day! Please somebody tell me it just all a sudden sets in? I don’t want to feel like this the whole pregnancy!

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