3 months

yeller // tongue-chewer // back-archer // wants to be held forward // sleep-in-er (9:00am!) // excited-getter // less-napper // scaredy cat (the sound of the blender especially!) // first cough/cold 😦 // left foot stomper // whole-fist in mouth shover // bath, outside, and music lover // car ride liker (finally!) // weird noise maker // 2-minute tummy time laster // fisty thing // two hands holder // spiter-upper // bib-wearer // drooler // smells like formula (mom loves it, dad can’t stand it!) // tongue and binky lover // and still a Daddy-faverer!

That sums up our Lydi bug at 3 months! (and she has her mom and dad wrapped around that little (long!) finger!)

IMG_4051 IMG_4060 IMG_4064 IMG_4049 IMG_4074 IMG_4078IMG_0499 IMG_0502 IMG_4308 IMG_7716 IMG_7769 IMG_7774 IMG_7786 IMG_9991 IMG_9997 IMG_0030 IMG_0028 IMG_0032 IMG_0039 IMG_0063 IMG_0066 IMG_0089 IMG_9973IMG_0337 IMG_0366 IMG_0381 IMG_0785

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