ASF&D History

Growing up, my Mom always (and I mean always) had her camera out. One of her famous sayings was, “When I die, there’ll be no pictures of me, but they’ll be tons of you guys!” But seriously, you would die at how many 3-ring photo albums she has on book shelves up in our photo room, all labeled by year! (that was when we used film and she printed doubles of every picture!) We’d often dress up and put together a little setup to take creative pictures. She loved to shoot in black and white and then use special acrylic paints with a Q-tip to color in parts of the picture (beginnings of Photoshop right there!). It was obviously instilled in me at a young age the love for creativity and eventually for photography!


The three coolest gifts I ever received growing up: an overhead projector (I was a master at playing school teacher), my American Girl doll (Samantha), and a Barbie video camera! I remember getting the Barbie video camera for Christmas in 2002 and thinking it was just the neatest thing! Each time I’d have friends over, Instead of playing nurse or school, we starting playing news reporters (it never got old!) I was the director and my friends became the actors. We were pretty creative in the way we transitioned into our scenes 🙂 — ha! just take a look! And, you can tell we really got into it when we’ve even got paper in our hands (just like they do with the “real thing!”) and names like Allie McBride! That was the start of my filmmaking career 🙂 jk, but I really think that started my love for all things video! Check a couple of them out:


After I got a digital camera in Junior High, I soon became that friend that always had the stop everyone with what they were doing to take a picture (secretly, I know they all appreciated me for it!) 🙂 The video started to take the back-burner and for a while it was all about photos! When I turned 20, I got a Canon Rebel T3 and loved taking pictures even more! My college roommate was a huge photo fan as well, so we were a dynamic duo always trying to take creative shots (everything on “automatic mode” since I didn’t know how cool my camera really could be!). And seriously, I think I have at least 10,000 pictures of my college days at BYU and BYU-H!

IMG_6217 37908_144930318852027_4272365_n

I found my love for video again as a Senior in High School when we (the Senior Class Officers) had to create a video for the closing assembly. The SBOs were pro and ALWAYS took the cake when it came to best video skit. We were in a huge pickle since none of us had an idea how to edit a cool video, so I decided I’d try out the iMovie program on my family’s Mac computer. I was surprised that I figured it out and created this:

And then turned into a million of these slideshow-type videos (click here for LOTS more):

Which turned into making these each time my friends got married:

Which turned into documenting every big moment in my life (it has become a nice “journal-writing” for me!):

When I got married in 2012, a videographer was very important to me! So, of course I chose the amazing Kale Fitch. Cam and I fell in love with our treasured Couple’s Day film and wedding films and after realizing her offered a one-on-one learning session, we decided to spend the day learning from the best! Cam’s taken a huge liking for filmmaking  as well (so glad since the camera has basically become another member of our family!) and it’s nice to have his (extremely) steady-hand for help! (now, if he can just get done with school so he has more time to be my sidekick!)


In 2013, my mom and sisters and I took a photography class from the also amazing Veronica Reeve. I’m so glad we did! I finally stopped with the “auto” button and learned to shoot all manual.


That motivated us (and I say us because I made Cam VP, haha!) even more to finally create and begin Allie Schroeder Films and Design, LLC in January of 2014 and my creative side has never been so happy (and so anxious too!). ASF&D has become my love for and career as filmmaker/photographer/designer (hoping to focus in on all the big and little family moments (since my education and love is for the family!) in life such as Child’s/Senior’s/Elder’s Day films, Birth Stories, and party invitations/announcements/typography!)FINAL (700x700px)







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