Thanks to Kale Fitch Films for capturing each moment of the day, perfectly.

Couples Story.




Hair and Makeup by Hair and Make-up by Steph: :35, Tonnie in her pre-wedding attire: :58, if you’re planning a wedding take note of 1:16, Avenía Bridal, especially Nancy the AMAZING wedding dress seamstress and jewelry-maker: :52, Belliston Jewelry with our rings: 1:02, thanks to our neighbor who mowed the back pasture for pictures 🙂 1:05, TaeCee‘s “…but I seriously love you!” face: 1:43, Ryan‘s “I’m just here for the ladies” hair: 1:47, Natalie & Baby Holland (thank goodness she stayed in there until 2 days after!): 2:20, Michelle wanting in on our marriage: 2:21, my beautiful look-up to bridesmaids (Amy, Lorna, TaeCee, Michelle, Skylee, Mykklyn, Ashley, and Jordynne): 2:39, my amazing in-laws that came in the ultimate package deal haha: 3:00, Chris & Brenda and Mindi enjoying the ice cream! 3:18 and cute Jodee helping out! 111 crumpin’ like it’s Sophomore year (Lorna, Amy, TaeCee, Gerin (in thought!): 4:23, Random kid who knocks over Tyce (Ashley) and gets the garter–anyone know!?? haha we’ve probably watched it 20 times! 4:18, My funny Dad dancing it up: 4:05 (check out those moves!), Cameron SHOVING cake in my mouth, I mean NOSE! (so much for playing nice!): 3:59, if you waited in that crazy line (thank you again!): 3:34, Y-Serve Byu represent! (Joseph, Tyler, Alexander, Lauren, Michelle, and Jessica): 3:57, Ashley and Dani beautiful appearance 3:48, Ryan getting his wedding fix (this is all he came for! jk!): 4:29, Ultimate NRG doing what we do best! Ashley, Jordynne, Skylee, Brittnie, Heather, Amanda, Krystal, and Janelle: 4:34, and Utah Events by Design and Bryan McKinnon making sure the whole event went smoothly! 5:02…. thanks to EVERYONE who made the day special by simply being there. Hands down, I have the best family and friends out there.

Photo Montage.

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