Christmas this year was all the better with our sweet Lydia girl! She loved the wrapping paper almost more than her toys! Cam and I both got her a couple gifts. Grandma & Grandpa gave her a jumper (she’s in heaven!) and Nannie & Pappa gave her a highchair–hooray!

Chistmas Card Design 2014 (6.5x7)3 IMG_5567 IMG_5570 IMG_5580 IMG_5619 IMG_5648 IMG_5705 IMG_5793 IMG_5888 - Version 2 IMG_5933 IMG_3815 IMG_2970 IMG_2992 IMG_3080 IMG_3837 IMG_6079 IMG_6056 IMG_6098 IMG_3141 IMG_3143 IMG_3152 IMG_6119 IMG_6139 IMG_6146 IMG_6147 IMG_6149 IMG_6167 IMG_6172 IMG_6181 IMG_6193 IMG_6208 IMG_6214 IMG_6235 IMG_6252

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