BUMPDATE: 14 Weeks: Telling Fam/Friends!!

BUMPDATE: Our baby is the size of an Orange!

Best moment this week? DEFINITELY, absolutely, hands down telling our families!!!!
“Ought Oh” pregnancy moment? When my parents neighbors brought over their Christmas gift on Christmas Eve at the time Santa was supposed to show up (what are the chances!?) and my mom saw the sack of gifts and salsa waiting on the porch for him. She walked back in the kitchen where we were all eating dinner and quietly asked Tonnie then Natalie who it was (she saw the handwritten note that looked like Nat’s writing!) Luckily Santa walked up right then!! Whew!
Movement? Nope!
Showing? Yes! Especially at night after I’ve eaten! I went and purchased my first maternity pair of garments since the waistband bothers my tummy a bit but they’re still a little huge!
Food Cravings? Just spicy food! And a little Mexican food! haha (so… I’m basically having a ginger Mexican!)
Sickness? Hoping it passes soon, but yes (still feeling lucky it’s not morning sickness or throwing up!). And, hope my easy going, happy, and wannabe social personality comes back too! haha I don’t know why, but being around people (maybe since I haven’t felt good), but has not been as exciting as usual!
What I’m looking forward to: The moment when being sick is finally gone!!
And… how we announced it to our family and friends!! So fun!
The original plan to tell my family was to tell my family with the 2013 family yearbook film above, but a week prior I had an epiphany–Santa would show up and tell them! My family was eating Chinese food on Christmas Eve like we usually do when Santa “randomly” showed up. It was so funny being on the side of knowing what was going on when everyone else didn’t! My mom thought my Dad was playing a joke, he thought she was the jokester behind it, and everyone kept looking and whispering, “Do you know what’s going on!?” But, like Cam and I imagined they all went with the flow, invited him to sit on the couch, and even sat on his lap and told him what they wanted for Christmas (of course, Natalie asked for a cousin for Holland and my Mom asked for grandbabies!) We were a nervous wreck leading up to it all though–Santa hadn’t called me back all day so we were thinking of Plan B (put the gift in the white elephant we were planning to do!), Tonnie and Matt and my Dad were all about 40 minutes late, and when 6:00pm finally rolled around and it was all ready to go (I had to put out the gifts and salsa on the front porch so Santa could put them in his bag) the doorbell rang and our neighbors showed up with a gift for my parents. That wasn’t so bad except for my mom saw the chips and salsa (thankfully this saved us–she thought it was a joke for my Dad), and the sack of gifts with a handwritten note to Santa on the sack. She walked back in and whispered to Tonnie and then had Natalie come look so everyone was confused! But, right then Santa walked up to the door and it all went well from there–he played it off soooo well! I was dying when my note was sitting on the couch since it said on it, “the gift to tell them we’re expecting” but luckily no one saw! He was like maybe I’m at the wrong house? And then read off a couple names of the gifts he had and everyone was like this is the right house then!! The last gift was for my parents to open and when my mom pulled out the onesie everyone freaked out!! After a couple guesses they knew it was me!! 🙂 The best part of it all, was everyone already had their cameras out taking pictures and my sister filmed the whole thing so I didn’t even have to! haha
IMG_9956 IMG_0332_2 IMG_0336_2 IMG_0341_2
My Mom whispering, ‘Did I win the auction at the Christmas Tree Jubilee and not realize it!?”
IMG_0346_2 IMG_9963 IMG_0354_2 IMG_9977 IMG_0366_2 IMG_0364_2 IMG_7623 IMG_9979
My sneaky little tags (made sure to type those so they didn’t recognize the handwriting!)
IMG_0371_2 IMG_0374_2 IMG_0375_2 IMG_0382_2 IMG_0383_2 IMG_0386_2 IMG_0388_2 IMG_0416_2 IMG_0220
The Schroeder family we thought would be a little more skeptical to let Santa in, so we decided to tell with a stroller present! We thought they’d be the most surprised and they certainly were!!! We opened all our gifts when Cam ran out to the car for that “one gift we forgot to grab.” I wasn’t too anxious until then! He brought down the black garbage sack wrapped gift (topped with a bow!) since we couldn’t fit it in a box that would get out of our door like we originally wanted! He told his mom to untie the bow and pull it out (we thought if they held it, they’d know something was up!). At first they thought it was a camp chair, but quickly after Joan realized it was a stroller!! haha So fun to watch everyone’s reactions!
IMG_0222 IMG_0230
IMG_0232 IMG_0234
Both Cam’s grandparents were so fun to surprise! We wrapped a huge box for both of them. We filled it with tons of peanuts and placed a onesie at the bottom! We had Boston ring the doorbell at his grandparents house so they had no idea who it came from and decided to bring it in with us at his Nana and Papas since it was a little later in the evening! Their reactions were great! And, I’m so excited our little one will have great grandparents to meet!! 🙂
IMG_0256 IMG_0259 IMG_0030
We were definitely excited to tell our friends immediately after telling our families! The following day, we made sure to tell our close friends and I am blown away at the congratulations and love we’ve received, we are truly grateful for good friends! We told a couple of our friends with onesies and then sat on our phones all evening sending texts to our friends!
IMG_7637 IMG_7642 IMG_7641
and.. we also sent out these Christmas/New Years cards!
Confetti Card Confetti Card2

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