Bridals {+ Groom}

First Look!
Here it is!! The FIRST look!

Bridals – Wow. I think you can tell I sure felt like a million bucks when Cam turned that corner and saw me in my white dress for the first time! Haha. After months of dress appointments, jokes about puffy sleeves and a purple dress, the antsy-ness of waiting for the actual moment to finally show it all off was as special as ever imagined. (I hope every girl gets this experience because it was so special!) I wanted an all-traditional wedding, so the fact of having Cam see me in my dress before the wedding day (which you know is a HUGE “No No” and is supposed to mean bad luck) was a big pill to swallow; but, my “stop and document every moment” kind of self ruled on this one, and I’m sure glad it did! Since we were married in the temple, there was no way to document it on the wedding day itself. And, it was nice to not be rushed and to be able to have prints at the reception for guest to see! We decided on two locations: the fabulous Joseph Smith Memorial Building (ahhh I’m in love with every detail of that building–sooo classy) and the Ogden Airport where we took some fun pics with my Dad’s plane (it has a special place in our hearts since we were guest passengers in it the night of Jr. Prom–our first date! Story for another day, but it (and Cam) surely won my heart that night!) Anyway, enough chatting and start looking. I tried to pick my absolute favs out of 311, but it was hard (Jessica Kettle, our photographer did such an amazing job!) Hope you enjoy these babies as much as we do! 🙂allie+cameron_bridals004 allie+cameron_bridals005 allie+cameron_bridals006 allie+cameron_bridals010 allie+cameron_bridals012 allie+cameron_bridals018 allie+cameron_bridals019 allie+cameron_bridals024 allie+cameron_bridals015allie+cameron_bridals027 allie+cameron_bridals032 allie+cameron_bridals040 allie+cameron_bridals041 allie+cameron_bridals042 allie+cameron_bridals044 allie+cameron_bridals054 allie+cameron_bridals058 allie+cameron_bridals059 allie+cameron_bridals060 allie+cameron_bridals061 allie+cameron_bridals081 allie+cameron_bridals085 allie+cameron_bridals088 allie+cameron_bridals089 allie+cameron_bridals091allie+cameron_bridals103 allie+cameron_bridals111 allie+cameron_bridals105 allie+cameron_bridals106 allie+cameron_bridals118 allie+cameron_bridals116 allie+cameron_bridals121 allie+cameron_bridals130 allie+cameron_bridals131 allie+cameron_bridals132 allie+cameron_bridals133 allie+cameron_bridals139 allie+cameron_bridals141 allie+cameron_bridals143 allie+cameron_bridals146 allie+cameron_bridals150 allie+cameron_bridals156 allie+cameron_bridals159 allie+cameron_bridals161 allie+cameron_bridals164 allie+cameron_bridals170 allie+cameron_bridals167 allie+cameron_bridals181clone allie+cameron_bridals172 allie+cameron_bridals174allie+cameron_bridals183-11x14 allie+cameron_bridals194 allie+cameron_bridals193 allie+cameron_bridals197 allie+cameron_bridals203 allie+cameron_bridals205 allie+cameron_bridals206 allie+cameron_bridals208 allie+cameron_bridals209 allie+cameron_bridals213 allie+cameron_bridals216 allie+cameron_bridals218 allie+cameron_bridals222 allie+cameron_bridals226 allie+cameron_bridals231 allie+cameron_bridals230 allie+cameron_bridals234 allie+cameron_bridals240 allie+cameron_bridals244 allie+cameron_bridals237 allie+cameron_bridals246 allie+cameron_bridals251 allie+cameron_bridals254 allie+cameron_bridals248 allie+cameron_bridals255 allie+cameron_bridals257 allie+cameron_bridals258allie+cameron_bridals262 allie+cameron_bridals260 allie+cameron_bridals265 allie+cameron_bridals268 allie+cameron_bridals272 allie+cameron_bridals273 allie+cameron_bridals275 allie+cameron_bridals277 allie+cameron_bridals279 allie+cameron_bridals284 allie+cameron_bridals285 allie+cameron_bridals292 allie+cameron_bridals290 allie+cameron_bridals294 allie+cameron_bridals295 allie+cameron_bridals299 allie+cameron_bridals297 allie+cameron_bridals303 allie+cameron_bridals305 allie+cameron_bridals309

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