Family Sessions: 5 Reasons why you SHOULD take family pictures.

Lately, I’ve had a few opportunities to take family pictures. Just a few short weeks ago was my first session and in the few short weeks I’ve had, I’ve learned what to do and not to do as the family photographer. But seriously, can you not help but laugh at the ordeal it is to take family pictures!? No wonder I’ve always been a hater to get my family pictures done–too much time, prep, stess, and many times arguing that seems to accompany it. It seems like you can never get your hair to look normal those days, your always skeptical about your outfit and have to try too hard to not spill while shoving down a snack on your way (which usually ends in spilling!), etc. etc. etc. Okay, enough dogging on family pictures already. On the other side, there is few things more rewarding than a cherished photo of your perfect little family (and they always look perfect in the pictures, right!?). I’m amazed at how many people go YEARS without getting together for a family picture–even just a casual one. Being a HUGE photo-junky, here are my 5 reasons why you SHOULD take family pictures (despite your yearnings otherwise!) and a couple funny pictures I snapped at my first family shoot–ahh, gotta love family pictures.

1. Pictures evoke feelings. Not once have I looked at a family picture and not felt a little piece of what life is ALL about.

2. Life changes wayyyyyy to quickly. Unless you slow down a little to snap a couple photos, all you’ll have to remember about 1980 or 2007 is your forgetful memory.

3. No, making your children sit still for 1 hour or nudging your hubby to smile “one more” will not kill them. But, seriously (though they sometimes act like it!)

4. Your walls are bare. Fill it with what’s most important to you!

5. They really aren’t that bad. Plus, they typically only come once every 365 days!

As the photographer, I couldn’t help but giggle to myself as I took a couple of these and even more when I went through them to edit! As if trying to get everyone looking, smiling (with teeth), sitting straight, open eyes, perfect hair, and exposing properly at the same time is easy! I find the excitement and energy that accompanies family pictures is pretty entertaining!

So, gimme a call or text (801.888.4523) or shoot me an email ( and let’s get your family pictures taken!

Silly Jerzi

because sometimes kids just need to be kids!


because sometimes when you finally get the baby’s looking at you and your picture exposed, someone just has to make a silly face!


because sometimes when the whole family finds a time that works, outfits that match, and enough courage to pull through the weather doesn’t cooperate!


because sometimes photo bombing is just TOO fun!

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