DFR in Disneyland 2015

IMG_2804 IMG_2847 IMG_2852IMG_4501 IMG_2899 IMG_2868 IMG_2881 IMG_4952 IMG_4959 IMG_2906 IMG_2915 IMG_2928 IMG_2939 IMG_2943 IMG_2960 IMG_2992 IMG_3029 IMG_3047 IMG_3056 IMG_3075 IMG_3067 IMG_3070 IMG_3079 IMG_3089 IMG_3123 IMG_3149 IMG_3167 IMG_3193 IMG_3196 IMG_3201 IMG_3227 IMG_3221 IMG_3769 IMG_3673 IMG_3707 IMG_3726 IMG_3782 IMG_3797 IMG_4691IMG_3909

^^Favorite ride (It’s a small world!)^^

IMG_4967 IMG_4690 IMG_3391 IMG_3408 IMG_3307 IMG_3312 IMG_3347 IMG_3370 IMG_3331 IMG_3287 IMG_3474 IMG_3491 IMG_3521 IMG_3566 IMG_3604 IMG_3622 IMG_3628 IMG_3653 IMG_3647 IMG_3733 IMG_3766 IMG_3852IMG_3861 IMG_3818 IMG_3822 IMG_3824 IMG_3921 IMG_3940 IMG_3963 IMG_3951 IMG_3953 IMG_3987 IMG_4036 IMG_4049 IMG_4061 IMG_4069 IMG_4113 IMG_4131 IMG_4139 IMG_4169 IMG_4175 IMG_4319 IMG_4326 IMG_4713 IMG_4719IMG_3667



IMG_3660 IMG_3667 IMG_4289

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