{1st} Road Trip 2013

Well, we made it (I guess I should say my little Toyota Corolla made it! Over 100,000 miles and all!)! My annual clogging competition in Scottsdale, AZ was a little different this year–I dragged Cam along with me–once I said “tennis” he was all in (he’s usually a pretty good sport about my clogging and everything anyway!)  So, instead of spending the extra cash that us newlyweds don’t have, we decided to make it a road trip (ROAD TRIP!!) And, road trip it was. I guess after 1,400 miles (combined), 2 chocolate malt stops, 3 blistering hot tennis sessions, 2 days of clogging, 1 overall trophy (we won!!), 1 pair of new tennis shoes (my first pair!) 3 bags of sunflower seeds (Cam is addicted!), too many dry sandwiches (we were trying to be cheap!), and 2 CDs that got old REAL fast (note to self: when driving to AZ, you need at LEAST 10 CDs!) you would call it a success!! Looking forward to road tripin’ with my other half SOON!

And.. to keep my Dad’s vacation rules we’ve already named this trip “Red Headed Indians!” thanks to the little town named Cameron on the Navajo Nation!

and our next vacation  is already booked (Boston and NYC in a month , here we come!)

IMG_6241 IMG_6258 IMG_6243 IMG_0001_2 IMG_0002 IMG_0014_2 IMG_6268 IMG_0018_2 IMG_0015 IMG_6272 IMG_6280 IMG_6277 IMG_6279 IMG_6282 IMG_6286 IMG_6289 IMG_6297 IMG_6305 IMG_6304 IMG_6318 IMG_6331 IMG_6335 IMG_6320 IMG_6321 IMG_6324 IMG_6317 IMG_6337

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