ASF&D Originals

^^Child’s Day Film – I come to you and get your child in his/her everyday routine. Your child loves to sing? Has a funny joke they say over and over? Obsessed with legos? Whatever it is, I’ll capture it in a little 1-song film. It’s all about THEM and what makes them unique!

Play Date LOGO

I come to you and spend 3 hours doing whatever you’d like! Up to 1 film and as many photos, designs (invitations, announcements, etc.), and other ASF&D creative products as you’d like! This is perfect for those who’d like photos of their children in THEIR day-to-day element (especially those who are a little camera shy!), or have multiple requests (i.e. a birthday party invite and photos to take!), or… the list could go on! You name the date, the time (we could plan around lunchtime, Daddy coming home from work, etc.), the services, and we’ll go at it!FINAL

This is your typical “Mini” photo session, except it’s not really typical. Unlike “typical” you’ll receive ALL images (not just 20…. 🙂 so long as they are a “good” photo). We’ll spend 20 minutes clicking away (which is most times all your lil’ peanuts can handle! ASF&D will be offering lil’ peanut sessions every Valentines Day, Springtime/Easter, Falltime/Halloween, Wintertime/Christmas, and perhaps more in between.

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