The 411.

I have ALWAYS loved weddings and everything to do with brides. I still have my journal where I collected snapshots and trinkets of wedding things I liked from the weddings of my sisters’ friends and my cousins (obviously never used, thanks to Pinterest!). Yes, I was that obsessed as a 5-year-old! I remember waking up as a young teenager on Sunday mornings for the Utah Brides half-hour highlight of a bride and groom! I dreamed of being a wedding planner when I grew up and luckily, in January 2012, I started interning for one of Utah’s renowned wedding planners, Utah Events by Design. There, we fluffed, planned, sweat (seriously, wedding planning is hard work!), and made things pretty–just what I’d always dreamed of doing! From inspiration shoots to crazy colorful weddings, or sweet fairytale receptions to loud obnoxious Greek ones, I started to narrow down exactly what I wanted (which made it real easy on my part!). So, as you can imagine, I LOVED every minute of planning my own wedding and many times have the crave to plan it all again! And, I’m a doer and list maker, so I made endless lists (a little overboard at times, I’ll admit! Just see for yourself!) and found excitement in seeing it all come together. Currently, you can still find me with my UEBD apron on, as I intern on the side just to curb my crazy wedding planning craving! I love to help friends (who are many times overwhelmed at the wedding planning load!) with some of my hobbies and passions: videography, invitations, graphic design, photography, details, making it happen, or day-of help. Also, I’ve got more wedding lists than you even want to know (DJ/wedding dance list, budget list, order of importance list, invitation pricing list, assignment list, itineraries, deliveries list, recommended vendors, you name it!). I’m still narrowing down what I REALLY wanna do when I “grow up” so for now, If you have any questions or need help, let’s chat!

Wedding Concepts (with words)
Inspiration//Mood Board

Wedding Itinerary

Wedding Vendors

Reception Details Collage


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