BUMPDATE: 18 Weeks

BUMPDATE: Our baby is the size of a mango!

Best moment this week? Feeling somewhat “normal” again and getting back to the gym and things I love to do when I feel good!
Movement? Not yet, hoping soon!
Showing? Yes!!! Like, the other day at work a strange man said I looked pregnant. Not sure if he was just trying to make conversation since I had a jacket on, but he flat out told me I did! ha
Food Cravings? ONE WORD: Salt! It’s probably not the best combo with my struggle to drink liquids, but chips, fries, hamburger, you name it… I’ve already ate them all in the past 48 hours!
Sickness? Finally feeling like I’ve felt better more hours than I’ve felt sick (still glimpses of the nasty feeling, but doing better! lots better!)
What I’m looking forward to: Still gutting out the back room for the nursery, which hasn’t been done yet (did I mention I’ve been OVERLY with the cleaning/organizing–anything in site! Even at work!). I pulled out Cam’s home videos and all our wedding stuff and his mission stuff and…. lots more stuff and am going to get it all super organized again! (it’s already been organized before! ha) before this baby comes!

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