Behind the Scenes.

Mission #1: Finding perfect white (lace) dress.

Wedding Dress (1, 2, 3)

P1050145_2P1050167P1050163Wedding Dress (in the making) Inspiration

…and she even strings her own beads too! Amazing lady.



IMG_0473_2 IMG_2097

Mission: Finding Oxfords & Engagement Outfits.


IMG_0415 IMG_1772

Mission: Registering.


Mission: Learning and teaching our wedding dance–Beyonce’s “Love on Top”

396078_4419429169834_705762849_n IMG_1397

Ready to Learn!?

Mission: Wedding party ties–handmade, Thanks Grandma!


Mission: A wedding reception (which means a lot of yard and housework!)

IMG_1784 IMG_1790 IMG_1792 IMG_1791 IMG_1853 IMG_1857 IMG_1858 IMG_1863 IMG_1878 IMG_1883 IMG_1880 IMG_1887 IMG_1886 IMG_1884 IMG_1876IMG_2336 IMG_2041All tuckered out!

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