Sunday night, October 20th (day I should’ve started my next cycle), I decided to try another pregnancy test (I had tried one the Monday and Wednesday before–waiting was KILLING me–both were negative) and to my surprise it was POSITIVE. I tried to lay in bed calm while Cam and I fell asleep, but I didn’t know what to think! For some time, we’ve both been feeling like it’s time for us to bring a special little one into our lives (I think it was February of this year!), but I was too nervous, too stubborn, and to be honest (and a little ashamed to say–especially studying family life and supposedly being an advocate for exactly that, family life) not really wanting one just yet. But, deep down I knew and always went back to my experience in the temple of feeling it was right. I’d pray to see if it was still right just to wait a little longer, at least a year or so, but didn’t get answers. But, I think that time helped me realize that when Heavenly Father asks something of you, it usually means now not in a year. I’ve been struggling feeling a little selfish lately and I think I know exactly why (doesn’t the Lord work in wondrous ways!?). So, I get the news and decide to wait until that Friday to tell Cam–worst idea ever! He requested a surprise when I found out and I thought of this grand idea to tell him when we were down in Provo for the BYU game. I do have to say it was worth it seeing his surprised face, but not telling him and knowing just myself was a little hard–thank goodness I wasn’t feeling any different and it was just knowing something he didn’t that was so hard! Especially knowing what I could/couldn’t eat and not being able to talk to him about it!

Friday night, October 25th we were driving down to the BYU game and realized after driving a while that we had totally forgot to grab the tickets. Oh boy! I was a little upset that not only we had forgot them, but that my plan wasn’t going to work out well of telling him. But, things got straightened out (the season ticket holder traded them to our name and we were able to reprint them at Guest Services–whew!) The plan worked out well and I had Cam drive up to the Y hike parking lot where we had had many talks while I was studying at BYU and he’d come down for a visit. We (and by we I mean I threw in the idea and he was all for it!) decided to make a little video of our day in Provo so I started to video and left it on while I told him it was time for the surprise (I told him I had a surprise for him a couple days before and he was thinking it was somewhere to go eat! ha). I pulled out a purple envelope 🙂 and a gift sack. He opened the envelope and found a letter that I had wrote. I used a little poem I had sent him while he was serving a mission in Brazil and I was a Freshman in college. He used the same poem the night we got engaged–he’d obviously changed a couple verses and I did the same! He was soooo surprised and had absolutely NO IDEA! I had lied a little about some things to make him think otherwise that week, so I revealed all the news and straightened them out! He opened the gift sack, which was loaded with things I’ve collected over the years for a future baby in my treasure chest and some pregnancy books I had bought from Barnes and Noble. We left for the game on cloud nine–don’t we already look like parents!? and my Cougs even won–just for our little Coug (not Wildcat)!

Our little secret for the rest of that night, and 2 months to follow until we tell our families on Christmas Eve!! 🙂IMG_0441 IMG_0440IMG_0705 IMG_0702 IMG_0699

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