Sometime in Our Lives…

  • Get married in the Temple


  • Serve an LDS Church
  • Raise a {large} family
  • Read the Standard Works from cover to cover
  • Stay true and faithful to each other and our Heavenly Father
  • Always be positive towards one another
  • Cam: half iron man (I’ll pass on this one!)
  • Run a marathon
  • Go to a Boston Red Sox game
  • Allie: learn a language (Portuguese & Italian)
  • Skydiving


  • Travel together (Brazil/Cam’s mission, see the Northern Lights, Church history, Holy land, London/Wimbeldon, Asia, Africa, Jamaica, Boston, DC, New York/US Open, Italy, Tennessee, Australia/Australian Open, France/French Open, Hawaii (Cam’s never been!)
  • Learn the violin
  • Get Bachelor’s Degrees (Cam’s still working on it!)
  • Allie: study at BYU-H for a semesterP1030376
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Hit all four major tennis tourneys: Wimbeldon, French Open, US Open, and Australian Open
  • Build a house
  • Road trip across the USA! (Sacred Grove, Niagra Falls, Philly Cheestake, Chicago Pizza, Amish Market baked goods, Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Old Faithful)
  • Discover UTAH! (Zions Canyon, Bryce Canyon, This is the Place! Park)

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