Dixon Family 2013

I had a lot of fun with this group! I was a first timer at taking family pics, but I had my sister tag team it with me and we got our feet wet reeeeeal quick!

Dixon Family Graphic Design IMG_8165 IMG_8163 IMG_8142 IMG_8182 IMG_8361 IMG_8211 IMG_8336 IMG_8166 IMG_8175 IMG_8177 IMG_8199 IMG_8207 IMG_8237 IMG_8266 IMG_8292 IMG_8071 IMG_8087 2 IMG_8057 IMG_8193 IMG_8197 IMG_8378 IMG_8393 IMG_8399 IMG_8414 IMG_8426 IMG_8434 IMG_8458 IMG_8462 IMG_8420 IMG_8475 IMG_8480 IMG_8484 IMG_8502  IMG_8523 IMG_8167 IMG_8534IMG_8503 IMG_8535 IMG_8372 IMG_8370 IMG_8368 IMG_8365 IMG_8543

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