BUMPDATE: 34 Weeks

BUMPDATE: Our baby is the size of a Pineapple!

Best moment this week? Celebrating my birthday. Cam is the best hubby around and yes, I got spoiled rotten!
Movement? So much and I can see my belly bulge to one side as either her head/bum pokes out! Still trying to figure what’s what!
Showing? The past 3 weeks or so I have really started the weight piling on!
Food Cravings?
Sickness? Lots of pressure pushing down and a little cramping (especially trying to walk the 5k–I shouldn’t have started out running with everyone!)
What I’m looking forward to: Trying to cherish these last 5 weeks of just Cam and I. I’m a little (okay maybe a lot!) sad to see this chapter of our lives as just hubby and wife close, but excited for what the new one brings! And, let the baby shower season begin!!
IMG_0470 IMG_0468IMG_8707 IMG_8708 IMG_8709 IMG_8712 IMG_8722 IMG_8723 IMG_8727 IMG_8778 IMG_8788 IMG_8791 IMG_8801 IMG_9005IMG_8806 IMG_8823 IMG_8822 IMG_9003

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