6 months

first haircut (1.11.15) // 3:00am screamer! // sleep time, what!? // first tooth (1.15.15) // head banger (1.18.15) // clapper (1.23.15) // light switch turner // rememberer // “fake” cougher // flier (arm swinger) // play sitter-upper // smoothie lover // food taster-eater
That sums up our Lydi bug at 6 months!

IMG_8998 IMG_9061 IMG_9029 IMG_9009 IMG_9018 IMG_9085

and simply cuz midway through dressing I couldn’t help but laugh (she looked like she was straight out of Grease Lightening with her wet hair from the bath and tank onesie (best thing for this heater girl–she’s always sweating, but I totally feel the “looks” as people see my daughter without a onesie under her shirt!) haha!)

IMG_8963 IMG_8971 IMG_8975

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