Welcome to the World Benson! {6.7.17}

June 8, 2017

I was supposed to be induced on Wednesday, June 7th since Dr. Seale was headed out of town on the 9th, but after my appointment the day before I decided I really didn’t want to be induced and instead go on my own, so I cancelled my 6:00am induction when they called me that evening. Dr. Seale had stripped my membranes good and we went for a long walk around the nature park later that evening. I wasn’t cramping too crazy or anything before bed, so I was totally unsuspecting that he’d come that night, but I was really hoping so since I was ready for him to come after planning for him to at least be there by the 7th or getting induced! We went to bed around midnight and I woke up to painful cramping around 3:15am. I thought I might just need to go to the bathroom, so I kept getting up to go, but they remained and started to get so painful that I couldn’t just lay down and “rest” through them. So, I woke Cam up (or he woke up to be trying to breathe!) and we called my mom to come stay with Lydia. I labored the best I could at home, but was anxious to get to the hospital since 1) Dr. Seale said if anything happens, just come right in since I was already dilated to a 3.5cm and 2) my induction I had cancelled was for 6:00am anyway and even if my spontaneous labor discontinued I wanted to keep it going by whatever means! We got to the hospital around 6:00am and I checked in (through contractions–I’m always amazed at all the questions they have ask you when you’re in SO MUCH PAIN!). They walked up back to our huge corner room 517 Montay, my awesome cousin, had apparently reserved for us! She had even decorated it with a banner and some wall hangs too! So cute! And, so glad she did because June 7th turned out to be an extremely popular date for babies to come, maybe the full moon!? I got checked and was dilated to a 5cm. So, next step was to get a full bag of fluids so I could then get my epidural. After 4 pokes to try and get the needle to stick in (even the head nurse had a hard time getting it in for some reason—she said I had “killer veins” but maybe was in so much pain they were constricting!?). I was starting to have a hard time working through the painful contractions since I was stuck to sitting in bed while the fluid dripped in, but I finally made it! Since it was so busy and crazy with moms going into labor things just happened so slowly it seemed like and I was trying to be patient, but was in so much pain. When the anesthesiologist finally got to my room and set up, she got a call from the lab that my platelet levels were too low (60 verses 140-400 normal) to give me an epidural. I was like okay, so do you do a cervical block or what?!? When she told me basically my options would be to go natural (and perhaps get some narcotics) or do a C-section knocked out (not very smart) I about died—I would’ve rather died I was in so much pain! They decided to have the lab come run another test to see since the nurses were having a hard time getting my needle to stick and perhaps some air got trapped in the tube while drawing it. So, we waited for the results to come back… I was praying so hard. Finally, about 45 minutes later the results came back as 90, still not high for “normal” but the cut off for epidural is 80 so after permission from the head anesthesiologist I was able to get my epidural finally!! The relief was AMAZING and immediately after, my nurse checked me (I think they were all starting to get worried since I could feel him pushing on my rectum) and I was an 8cm, so moving along quickly! I was exhausted and a little delirious, but definitely comfortable and so happy to finally get to “rest”! The progress from 8cm-10cm was a little slower with the epidural but after a couple hours or so and a vomit session I was completely effaced and dilated to and ready to push. Dr. Seale came in and after about 6 pushes we had a little baby boy with my Mom, sisters, and Cam’s mom all there to witness! It was just fun! He barely even cried and was so quiet (especially in comparison to Lydia!). Surprisingly, he’s got hardly any hair—just some blonde peach fuzz, a narrower face, small, pinned ears, and this little lip quiver and jitters (probably due to my Zoloft medicine, which we expected). We have been in heaven and the bottle-feeding has been the best thing ever (though I’m still scared for my milk to come in, but have been taking Benadryl, tight sports bra, peppermint oil, and cabbage leaves!). We had family come in and watch Lydia come see her baby brother for the first time (they had been waiting outside the door and she was hopping up and down!)—she was more than THRILLED and hopped right up in bed with me to hold him. I was suspecting she’d be a little nervous or shy with everyone watching her, but she was so happy and couldn’t withhold herself! It was so fun! My post-recovery has seemed a lot better (they’ve been very cautious with my bleeding) and we even got a full night’s rest after an exhausting day (the best you can in a hospital bed!) since we sent him to the nursery with formula, again best thing ever! The tender mercies have been amazing—I’m still in shock I’m doing this scary thing again, but he’s been the best baby, we’ve had Montay make this experience the most special thing ever, and family/friends have been so amazing. We have had a lot visitors and I’ve enjoyed it. We will head home tomorrow, after staying for two nights. We finalized the name the first night: Benson Jay Schroeder after going through a couple (Gray, Carter, Porter and Cam/Cameron for the middle name). Thankful things have seemed a lot smoother this time around and trying to keep myself calm and patient as I heal.