Wow, did this year FLY by or was it just me? I have loved seeing other peoples’ flipgram things on Facebook and Instagram reminiscing on events and pictures throughout the year, and I couldn’t help but think of what a year it’s been for Cam and I. This year, I have found myself growing and learning more about myself than ever before. Unfortunately, most of that learning has come from awareness of my own weaknesses and tendencies, but I have been ever so grateful for the wonderful, patient, loving husband Cam has been through it all. The year started off great and it was not soon after I started to feel like something was missing. I had an amazing husband, warm home, flexible job, and family close but for some reason I’d still find myself sad. Yet, it was mostly those things that would set me off. I’m usually a very happy, easy-going person but I would find myself getting irritated easier, very impatient, and sweating the “small stuff” more than I usually do. Then, I would beat myself up about how many personal things I needed to work on. It finally hit us both that perhaps it was time to start our little family. After long talks and much tearful nights, I couldn’t deny what we both felt. Cam was gun-ho about the idea from day one and shamefully I can’t say I was. Then, the cycle of feeling bad for not being gun-ho about the idea would start and seemingly never end. After all, I studied marriage and family at college and promised myself I would always be the biggest advocate for families and wholesome family life. I was disappointed with myself for feeling so apprehensive, but it still didn’t make it easier. But still, for some reason the thought of leaving behind “just the two of us” was so sad for me. I always have the hardest time closing doors to open new ones (anyone else hate change!?), but this one seem hardest. Finally, I decided I needed to trust a loving Heavenly Father who knows best, and of course He always does. I can’t say the uneasy, anxious feelings have left completely (in fact, there are still many nights Cam has to literally hold me until I fall asleep!), but the thought of doing the right thing at the right time feels so much better. I am trying to work on “me” a little more and choose to be as happy as I want to be. There is still a lot of room for improvement, but I can feel a new year coming on! So, here we are 15 weeks pregnant and ready for 2014…  BRING IT! 🙂


Watched/documented Mike and Shanna’s engagement!


Celebrated our first Valentines together!


I got the new 27″ iMac at work and took classes in Graphic Design/Film/Photography classes! And, in the process of possibly starting a little something!


Spent spring break in Coronado!


…and made a quick day trip over to Mexico! 🙂


Started this blog and finally got around to posting our beautiful wedding pictures!


Celebrated our first Easter together!


Received new Church callings! Cam: Ward Mission Leader, Allie: CTR 7 Primary Teacher


Participated in the first, annual “Stacey Challenge”


Finished (Cam’s 1st) the Ogden Half Marathon on my 22nd Bday!


Watched/documented Tonnie and Matt’s engagement!


Surprised Cam with a dream vacation to see the Boston Red Sox and US Open!!

We're Going to..


Finally got around to making a book of Cam’s missionary pictures!


Took our first road trip! (AZ… 11 hours!)

IMG_0014_2 IMG_9162

Spent the weekend at Lake Powell with the fam!


Celebrated our 1st anniversary!


Supported Tonnie as she received her own endowment!


Spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Acord on their big day (me: behind the camera!)


Prepped for Tonnie & Matt’s big day!


Tonnie & Matt’s big day! 8.23.13.

IMG_9702 2

Witnessed my first live birth (wow!) and did my first “Birth Story” shoot!


Saw Boston for the first time!

New York City

Spent a couple nights in the Big City with my love!


Cam saw his favorite player play: Nadal! (and could’ve died happy!)


Woody & Jesse for Halloween!

IMG_9448 - Version 2

Expecting our first baby (6.25.14)!


Doing what we love!


Had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And, for new goals and ambitions for 2014:

1. S-I-M-P-L-I-F-Y!

2. Be on time, maybe even 5-minutes early!

3. Enjoy being a mom and give it 110%.

4. Start a business!

5. Work on Charity (serve others, patience, humility).

6. Don’t sweat small things, enjoy the moment, and get off of that phone!

7. Eat healthy. Drink water. Get fit. Sleep long enough (early to bed, early to rise). Feel good!

8. Learn Portuguese.

9. Read a book.

10. Watch my words: no complaining, no negativity, no gossip.

And, our family theme:

Schroeder Family Theme 2014