BUMPDATE: 16 Weeks: 2nd Dr. Apt.

BUMPDATE: Our baby is the size of a turnip!

Best moment this week? Seeing our baby for the second time! And no, we did not find out the gender. Thankfully, his/her little legs were closed so there was no way of knowing! (Still going strong…)
Movement? Nope!
Showing? Yes!! I’m feeling really plump in my belly, like I’ve eaten one too many donuts or something!
Food Cravings? Frozen yogurt, tart with fruit on top (must be my Provo Yogurtland addiction coming back!)
Sickness? Migraines have slowed down thankfully, but when I eat, I get so full and miserable. I went home early from work for the first time on Monday and took at 5 hour nap!
What I’m looking forward to: Going shopping for a crib and start working on the itty bitty nursery!
IMG_0312 IMG_0314
…and then the cutest thing happened. While we were all at the baby shower, we noticed Holland was gone. I went to go find her and found her sitting on Cam’s lap in the nursery as he was reading her a book. I had to sneak and get Natalie quick to take a peek! He is going to be the best Daddy. How’d I get so lucky!?
IMG_0351 IMG_0349 IMG_0356

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