Fall/Halloween “Mini” Sessions 2014

I’ve decided to do mini (15-minute) sessions next week for Halloween/Fall. Here is the info:

Backdrop options:

  • Hay n’ Pumpkins
  • Apple Tree n’ Wheelbarrow
  • Lumberjack Wood
  • Landscape/Field
  • White (Halloween/spooky decoration if desired)


  • $20 for one child or a group shot
  • $30 for more than one child (single and group shots)
  • $5 for a custom designed 5×7 (one shot) or 8×10 (two shots) print (multiple options: halloween, fall, or lumberjack)
  • more time needed or multiple backdrops may cost – contact for more info.


  • Thursday, October 30 (every 15 minutes) from 2:00 – 4:30pm
  • Friday, October 31 (every 15 minutes) from 2:00 – 4:30pm


  • Disc of all the images (little, if any editing)
  • If purchased ($5), custom designed print will be also included on disc

Contact Allie (801.888.4523) if interested. Kids can come in Halloween costumes or just normal outfits.

All photoshoot location(s) at a private residence in lower Uintah.

Design and Backdrop Option Examples:

2014 Halloween Design2 2014 Halloween Design3 2014 Halloween Design 2014 Halloween Design5 2014 Halloween Design6 2014 Halloween Design4

IMG_0421 IMG_0397 IMG_0405 edited IMG_0451 IMG_0474 IMG_0467 IMG_0486 IMG_0491 IMG_0546 IMG_0576 - Version 2 IMG_0586 IMG_0563 IMG_0599

Krew Halloween Pics 2014_2

Krew Halloween Pics 2014_22 Krew Halloween Pics 2014_54 Krew Halloween Pics 2014_69 Krew Halloween Pics 2014_75 Krew Halloween Pics 2014_45 Krew Halloween Pics 2014_7 Brooke Fall Pics 2014_2 Brooke Fall Pics 2014_54 Brooke Fall Pics 2014_34 Brooke Fall Pics 2014_62 Brooke Fall Pics 2014_29 Andrew Fall Pics 2014_14 Andrew Fall Pics 2014_19 Andrew Fall Pics 2014_32 Andrew Fall Pics 2014_29 Andrew Fall Pics 2014_72 Andrew Fall Pics 2014_47 Brooke & Andrew Fall Pics 2014_73IMG_1637 IMG_1652 IMG_1667 IMG_1686 IMG_1730 IMG_1744 Harper Halloween_Fall Pics 2014_10 Harper Halloween_Fall Pics 2014_19 Harper Halloween_Fall Pics 2014_34 Harper Halloween_Fall Pics 2014_39 Harper Halloween_Fall Pics 2014_45 Harper Halloween_Fall Pics 2014_123 Harper Halloween_Fall Pics 2014_105 Harper Halloween_Fall Pics 2014_88 Harper Halloween_Fall Pics 2014_61 Harper Halloween_Fall Pics 2014_139 Harper Halloween_Fall Pics 2014_147 Tate Family Fall Pics 2014_5 Tate Family Fall Pics 2014_8 Tate Family Fall Pics 2014_31 Tate Family Fall Pics 2014_36 Tate Family Fall Pics 2014_52 Tate Family Fall Pics 2014_58 Tate Family Fall Pics 2014_86 Tate Family Fall Pics 2014_104 Tate Family Fall Pics 2014_106 Tate Family Fall Pics 2014_129 Tate Family Fall Pics 2014_132 Tate Family Fall Pics 2014_183 Tate Family Fall Pics 2014_191

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