BUMPDATE: 15 Weeks

BUMPDATE: Our baby is the size of an Avocado (how fitting, I LOVE me some avocados!)

Best moment this week? As not fun as it is to have migraines and not feel good, those things have helped me slow down a little and realize the small and simple things in life. The other night as I waited in line for my drive-thru sandwich at Cutlers, I thought about all the things that should’ve been done (house cleaned, car cleaned, Christmas put away, business started, etc. etc.) and, to be honest, was a little proud of myself for not doing them! Sometimes it feels good to not do the things that my OCD usually gets me to do first thing before anything else, but for a moment it felt good to take time for myself, NOT clean or do anything on my to-do list, and take a giant bubble bath instead. Take that, OCD!
“Ought Oh” pregnancy moment? If I wait too long to eat, I get a little fiery. Note to self!
Movement? Nope!
Showing? Yes! Every other day it trades off–belly showing, not belly showing, belly showing!
Food Cravings? Fresh food–veggie sandwiches…. Mmmm!
Sickness? 1 word: migraines. Seriously though… Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday this week. Giant bubble baths have definitely helped (we’ve decided making the trip down to my parents so I can soak in their big jetted tub is worth it–our small bath is a little well, crammed!).
What I’m looking forward to: Our second Apt. this week!!!! Fingers crossed everything still looks healthy and that the Dr. doesn’t blow it and reveal the gender (or wait, maybe I want him to!? haha ahhh It’s killing me!)

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