BUMPDATE: 27 Weeks

BUMPDATE: Our baby is the size of a cucumber!

Best moment this week? Registering with Cam. I love the days we get to spend together and Saturday was just a fun and memorable one!
Movement? Yes!
Showing? Yes!
Food Cravings? I went out of my way and stopped by Einstein Bagels today for a chocolate chip bagel that someone had posted on Instagram. And, I almost stopped by the one in Layton as well since I had already finished the one I had got from Bountiful! ha! I should probably unfollow anyone who posts about food, cuz that seems to be all I can think about! Oh, and those darn Girl Scout Samoa cookies! I stopped by a lady in my ward’s home on my way back from work and come to find out, my sweet little cousins from Idaho had dropped off a little surprise on my porch! My Facebook post: “Had Girl Scouts knocked on my door this year, they would’ve hit jackpot! I’m craving Samoas, who still has some for sale??? #pregnantgirlprobs”
Sickness? If I eat too quickly and yes, I am starting to really not be able to breathe!
What I’m looking forward to: Our appointment this upcoming week!
IMG_8526 IMG_8544 Malia Baby Blessing 2014_29
…and it was baby Malia’s blessing! Just practicing up for the big day!!

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