BUMPDATE: 10 Weeks

BUMPDATE: Our baby is the size of a lime!

Best moment this week? Having the MOST patient, loving, and caring husband who prays for me, always asks me how I feel, and constantly treats me like his queen–“his babies” he calls us. And, I couldn’t love it more!
“Ought Oh” pregnancy moment? I setup a photo stream for Cam and I to share baby things (like cribs I like when I’m shopping). I invited him via his phone and somehow his Dad randomly accepted the invite (their phones are connected somehow since their apple IDs were setup on the same computer). I got an email saying Jay Schroeder had accpeted it and about died. Thankfully, I was right by my computer and hurry and deleted the photo stream. There was only 4 pictures on there but still!!! I decided to email him and say I was trying to get used to the whole photo stream thing and tried to invite Mykklyn (my pregnant cousin) to it! Thank goodness for pregnant cousins and friends–Cam and I have a planned excuse if we ever get caught and they are always our scape goats. Lots of apologizing and telling to do once we can finally share the news!!!
Movement? Nope!
Showing? YES, YES, YES.. I feel like my tummy is starting to really pop. Cam even was surprised to feel and see it start to really pop!!
Food Cravings? Can I say nothing and everything at the same time!?
Sickness? Unfortunately, I’m not getting too much slack. But, I haven’t been THAT sick so I can’t complain. Still miserable every other second with a few relief seconds in between! Lots of air stuck in my throat, nasty taste in my mouth after eating, and acid feeling in my stomach!
What I’m looking forward to: Being able to share the news!!! Being with my family all week long was REALLY hard to keep quiet and just between Cam and I! Especially when my brother decided to sleep on our extra bed since he didn’t want to hear my Dad snore in their room! Love ya, Ry but next vacation we take that I’m pregnant, you can have your own room!
Oh, and can’t forget Sunday evening. Cam and I were just eating dinner after getting home from Church and could hear little Holland crying upstairs. After a little while, the door that connects our two apartments opened and Brett asked if she could come down for a bit cuz she wouldn’t stop crying and kept pointing at our door! Funny how she finally realizes we live in the same house!! haha I love when little Holland comes down for a play. This time, we were ready with a sign and ginger doll so Holland can be the one to tell my family that we are expecting! we were going to steal her for lunch one day, but this worked out perfectly! we were trying to be all secret about it and think we did a good job (the door was still open so we had to be a little quiet and kept looking if someone was coming)! as she went back upstairs, saying “Bebe”, we snickered to ourselves. Little do they know (hopefully)! she was quick and only wanted to doll (and everything else but the sign), so we got a lot of blurry pictures, but that’s just how toddlers are, right!?
IMG_9202 IMG_9192 IMG_9211 IMG_9213

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