Wedding. {home SWEET home}

Well, we’re not first time home owners (I know, I had you fooled!), but we just couldn’t resist a good photo shoot at our cute little first apartment, especially with the story behind it. I made sure to set aside a couple minutes on the big day to rush over to our home-to-be and snap a few shots! This little home in the heart of South Ogden was the only home my Dad knew growing up. It is where my Grandma Dixon found herself widowed, selflessly raised her three children, my Dad wrote home as an LDS missionary, and even where my Mom met her in-laws for the first time. The colorful basement stairs (from scrapped vinyl pieces) and scent it still carries today take me back to my childhood. I remember going over to Grandma Dixon’s for meatballs and “mini hotdogs” on many occasions and almost every birthday. The backyard, with its clothes line, still stands and reminds me of walking on barrels holding onto the wired line! Specifically, the basement apartment (where we now reside) has been shared by almost every one of my cousins as newlyweds! It has since been remodeled and is the perfect place for a newlywed couple. My sister and brother-in-law live upstairs and we LOVE hearing a little peep here or there from my darling little niece. Though we can give the “grand tour” by standing in the living room, our first apartment is full of so many good memories.503 Leona






allie+cameronweddingweb-424 2012 Christmas card combined

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