We love Daddy!

“Daddy, bu-bye?” is the first question each the morning.

then, “Daddy at work!?”

“Daddy…home…play!?” (with some extra jumbled “Lydia verbs” in there! ha!) is the most exciting thing when 5 o’clock rolls in. For both of us, cuz…

He’s silly, he’s smart, he’s loyal, he’s fun, he’s wise, he’s calm, he’s strong, he’s handsome.

He’s a fixer and a tickler, a cuddler and a friend.

and on top of it all,

he’s every little girls dream of what a daddy should be. And my mommy-heart sure bursts just watching him with his little girl. ❤

IMG_6009 IMG_6011 IMG_6010 IMG_6018 Photos 2016_71 Photos 2016_88 Photos 2016_95 Photos 2016_123 Photos 2016_133 Photos 2016_142 Photos 2016_141 Photos 2016_129IMG_6006

All I know, is I have some pretty big shoes to fill cuz I’m…just not daddy (he sure is the best!)


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