Allie Schroeder Films & Design {ASF&D}

Instagram Card - Capturing (612x612)

Hi, I’m Allie.


 Cam’s wifey. Femininity’s cheerleader. Speaking kind’s supporter. Pattern and plaid’s lover. Timeless and classic’s enthusiast. 1940, 50, 60, and mid-century modern’s admirer. Analyzer’s freak. Night owl’s champion. Go-getter’s follower. Photo and film-making’s junkie. Wedding planning’s sidekick. Marriage and family’s devotee.

Creativity’s adventurer.

And here, I share a little of something I have a passion for… design, planning, photography, fimmaking, graphic design, and all things “easy on the eyes.” My idea with film, photo, and design is clean, simple, timeless, bright, and classy work. Hence, I do little post-editing (though if desired, I will do more) and use few props.

Let’s chat about any of your film, photo, or graphic design needs. 801.888.4523 or


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