Welcome to the World Lydia! {7.4.14}

Not many words can describe the awe-provoking experience and miracle of giving birth. It all seems so surreal, yet so familiar at the same time. I feel so grateful and humbled that Heavenly Father blessed us with one of His special spirits. Soon (I say soon because it did not come at first for me!) you come to feel like you’ve known this little infant and miracle forever, yet not enough time in the world would ever allow you to catch up on the time you missed out on them. I’ve come to realize that life really doesn’t start until you find your family (whether that be having your own children or “adopting” another family if you aren’t able to have children in this life).

“I know of nothing so earth-shatteringly powerful and yet so universally and unstingingly given to us as the God-given power…to create a human body, that wonders of all wonders, a genetically and spiritually unique being neer seen before in the history of the world and never to be duplicated again in all the ages of eternity–a child, your child–with eyes and ears and fingers and toes and a future of unspeakable grandeur.” -Jeffrey R. Holland

July 4, 2014 // 1:17 am // 8 lbs. 6 oz. // 20.5 in. // Lydia Schroeder

For more pictures and all the details, click here.

(PC: A lot from my sweet husband and the wonderful delivery nurses!)

Lydia Announcement 2014

IMG_3370 IMG_0600 IMG_0593 IMG_0597 IMG_0623 IMG_0598 IMG_7333 IMG_0001_2 IMG_0133_2 IMG_0003_2 IMG_7339 IMG_7340 IMG_7354  IMG_7347 IMG_7344IMG_7355 IMG_7361 IMG_7363 IMG_7367 IMG_7376 IMG_7370 IMG_0632IMG_0630 IMG_9476 IMG_9486 IMG_0670 IMG_0680IMG_0677 IMG_0807 IMG_0693 IMG_0694 IMG_0658 IMG_0666 IMG_0782 IMG_0728 IMG_0747 IMG_0848 IMG_0852

I will never forget the sacred, tender feelings we shared as a family in Room 4204. Lydia, you truly are a miracle and we love you so much!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Allie, you’re going to make such a fantastic mom and Lydia is going to have an amazing life. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  2. Caden says:

    We need more ingtihss like this in this thread.

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